Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages To Pick When Traveling Alone

Author: Srikanth Krishna on May 25,2021

Even though Alaska is remote and steep, it is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. It is a haven for all the wildlife lovers who can witness moose, salmon, bison, jellyfishes, caribou, bears, puffins, etc., while in Alaska. For the sightseeing folks, The Klondike has fjords, mountains, waterfalls, streams, lakes, and glaciers.


The best way to discover the 49th state, however, is by Alaska cruise vacation packages. These leisure travel packages offer to take you through the best of Alaska in a matter of days.


For all the solo travelers and adventure seekers, has compiled a list of Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages to pick from when traveling alone.


When Should I Visit Alaska?


Most of the cruises running in Alaska are between late April Mid- September. They have multiple cruise ships that have several ports of call. And the companies offer various itineraries for customers as per their needs. 


Much of the cruises to Alaska for 2021 have been stopped and will be continued in 2022 due to Covid-19. But it does give you plenty of time to map out your next best adventure.


What should I carry for my trip to Alaska?


Some of the Alaska cruise vacation packages also include sightseeing. You will be required to step down from the cruise if you choose one of these leisure travel packages. In that case, pile up a layer of clothing.

Summer, spring, and fall seasons are beautiful, but it is chilly at night. Plus, it rains a lot and carries raincoats, umbrellas, boots, and waterproof shoes. Having the right gear for the trip can make it more enjoyable and safer.


1. 7-day cruise from Alaska to Seward



Offered by the Norwegian Cruise line, this is the most common in the Alaska cruise vacation packages. Boarding the Norwegian Jewel cruise from Vancouver, British Columbia, the cruise will travel through Alaska’s Inside Passage island and Ketchikan. In Ketchikan, you have the opportunity to interact with the indigenous flora and fauna while taking a magnificent hike. Following this will be Juneau, Skagway, and cruising at Glacier Bay. The cruise will also include a tour of the famous Hubbard Glacier. On the final day, the cruise will end at Seward.


Price: Starting from $517 per person

Availability: 2nd May 2022 onwards


2. 7-day cruise from Vancouver, British Columbia, through Alaska’s Inside Passage 



This is one of many Alaska cruise vacation packages offered by the Norwegian Cruise Line. All aboard on the Norwegian Jewel from Vancouver, British Columbia, the ship will reach Juneau first. Swamped with fjords, glaciers, and streams, Juneau has more than few tasteful sightseeing spots. Through Skagway, you will go cruising through Glacier Bay. In Ketchikan, have the chance to dine on the freshly fished Salmon, following which the cruise will return to Vancouver.


Price: Starting from $643 per person

Availability: 3rd October 2022 onwards


3.  7 Nights/ 8 days Alaska Glacier Cruise by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line



Offered by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, this is one of their many Alaska cruise vacation packages, affordable and adventurous. Boarding the Serenade of the Seas from Vancouver, British Columbia, the ship will embark on a journey to the Inside Passage. Ketchikan will be covered the next day, where you will get to visit the world-famous Misty Fjord. And following it is the Tracy Arm Fjord in Tongass National Forest. Cruising through, the ship will then take you to the promised Glacier expedition to Juneau. Haines and Sitka are also included in this leisure travel package itinerary. On the 8th day, the cruise shall return to Vancouver.


Price: Starting from $494 per person

Availability: 15th May 2022 onwards


4. 7 Nights/ 8 days cruise from Seattle- Alaska- Victoria- Seattle by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line



Boarding the Quantum of the Seas, Alaska cruise vacation packages will take you from Seattle to Sitka in the early days. For those seeking leisure travel packages that include city excursions, this is the one for you. You have one day of cruising on the sea where you can try the activities offered by the cruise company.


The highlight of this tour comes after Skagway. The place is Endicott Arm Fjord and Dawes Glacier. One of the lesser-known places in Seward’s Folly, cliffs, valleys, and fords overwhelm the surroundings. You can expect no or less crowd as not a lot of people stop by here. And if you are lucky, you might also spot brown bears, sea ducks, seals, etc.


Following this, the cruise will cover Juneau and Victoria with another day of cruising at sea. On the 8th day, you will reach Seattle, Washington, marking the end of the cruise.


Price: Starting from $639 per person

Availability: 23rd May 2022 onwards


5. 4 Nights/ 5 days Sampler Cruise by Princess Cruise



For all those looking to steal a couple of days from the busy schedule, the Alaska cruise vacation packages are meant for you!


Beginning from Vancouver, British Columbia, two days out of five will be spent at sea cruising, where you can experience the calmness you desperately seek. The first destination is Ketchikan, where you will be visiting the Sanctuary, Fjords, Parks, Villages, Parks, and various other points of interest. Following this is an excursion to Seattle, Washington, where the cruise will end. This is also an affordable vacation for solo travelers looking for budget travel.  


Price: Starting from $322 per person

Availability: 3rd May 2022 onwards


6. 7 nights/ 8 days Alaska Fjords and Glacier tour by Adventure Smith Exploration



Adventure Smith Exploration offers for Alaska cruise vacation packages are known for their unexpected undertakings. Meaning, if you are a solo traveler seeking a thrill, this is one of the best leisure travel packages for you. This leisure travel package is also for those looking to discover Alaska and experience the wilderness closely.

Beginning from Ketchikan in Alaska, the first day of the cruise will lead you to Misty Fjords National Monument. Here you can find a bay to paddle in or sit on the side and enjoy the view. For those looking to explore the local fauna, there are Sitka black-tailed deer, brown bears, sea birds, etc., waiting to be clicked on camera. Following this will be the Bahm Canal in the Tongass National Forest, known for porpoises, seals, otters, and orcs.


The cruises will take you to Wrangell and Wrangell Narrows as well as Thomas Bay. On day 6, you will find yourself at Stephens Passage, where you might catch a glimpse of Humpback whales and Orcs. With a guide team, you have the chance to go for an adventure. Following this, the cruise will take you to Endicott Arm and continue to Juneau, which will mark the end of the journey at the 74-guest Wilderness Explorer cruise.


While on the small ship cruise, you will get to go on skiff rides, hiking as well as stand-up paddleboarding. The exciting part of this itinerary is that it can be reversed. Meaning you can either travel from Ketchikan- Juneau or Juneau- Ketchikan.  


Price: Starting from $2995 per person

Availability: 6th June 2021 onwards


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