12 Best European Vacations To Choose For Adventure

When it comes to Europe, every facet of tourism is special in its ways. Adventure, being the supreme traveling genre that offers extreme thrill and excitement is definitely at its best in Europe. Each country and parts of the continent have different kinds of thrills to bestow upon the travelers. It also changes according to seasons and time of the year you visit any destinations of the continent. Backpackers and campers swarm into the continent all through the year, and their fantasies are compulsorily met every time they hit any part of Europe.


Be it the Swiss Alps, or shores of Spain to the glaciers of Iceland, the thrill and entertainment you get in all these places surpasses the joy of eternity. Each adventurous place offers travelers the sensation of dazed ecstasy and blazing fun that cannot be measured. To know what the places of adventure are, and what fun entails in each of them, we need to analyze and understand the specialty of the adventurous spots in Europe.


“When you travel to a faraway land, never miss any highlights and enlightenments the new place has to offer”


Best European vacations for adventures:


Traveling to Europe is once in a lifetime affair. Missing any specific spot which could have otherwise given you a delightful experience could be a blunder having visited the continent. Hence, every single spot which deserves a mandated visit should be crashed by the tourists. Especially, the adventurers cannot afford to miss any special adventurous sites that could fodder their expectations without fail. Let us get into some of the important adventurous places in Europe which can click your thrills and entice you completely.





One of the exclusive cut-out places for adventure when it comes to Europe is none other than Iceland. Visiting Iceland would deem to be one of the best European vacations when you are counting on adventures which this place offers in plenty. As the name suggests, the country’s beauty is fully showcased in the icy glaciers and gorgeous volcanoes which act as vistas of the destinations. The waterfalls and rivers act as add-ons to this already beautiful land which invariably captivates the whims of adventurers. People engage in hiking, mountain climbing, biking, or even surfing. Climbing the heights of dormant volcanoes is an adventure in its way which thrills the travelers to their nerves.


Extra tip: If divers have to experience diving in this country, they should try to hit Silfra fissure, the unique dip from the borders of North America. The water sport varieties surpass any other adventure activity you can have anywhere else in the world.


Dolomites: Italy



This jarring mountain range is a bundle of joy and fun when it comes to adventure. One of the best European vacations for hikers and trekkers who have a fancy for high mountain ranges. The landscapes sweep you off with beauty that is unparalleled in every sense. It’s a scenic hub that blends travelers with challenging hiking and trekking experiences that could be a fun ride for people who crash this place.


Extra tip: If you want to enjoy one of the best European vacations with adventure, you should visit this place during winter when hand gliding and skiing opportunities unfold to bestow the travelers with utmost fun.


Swiss Alps:



One of the best European vacation spots that offer adventures to its best is none other than the Swiss Alps. Hiking on the backroads and climb ways is a delightful experience for seeking adventurers. The meadows, landscapes, and waterfalls accentuate the beauty of this already exemplary spot.


Extra tip: The best European vacation can be experienced when you make headway to the peak of Gornergletscher glacier which is an exclusive scenic hub with mind-blowing pools and breath-taking waterfalls.


Cappadocia: Turkey



Cappadocia is padded with beautiful landscapes stuffed with Rock Mountains and volcanoes. One of the best European vacations would be to spend your time in this region which opens up several unique options for adventures. The exclusive one is the horse-riding adventure which wanders through the streets visiting all the specific landmarks like churches, chimneys, and valleys invigorating your spirits.


Extra tip: another exclusive way of spending the best European vacation which many leisure vacation packages suggest is the balloon ride in this land during the sunrise. It is a mesmerizing sky-ride that thrills travelers to the utmost fun.


Snowdonia: Wales



This is yet another best European vacation package the fits the bill for adventure is this National Park in Wales. This is recommended by most of the leisure vacation packages which offer deals to visit this place which is padded with gorgeous mushy landscapes, lakes, Deep woods, and mountains that call for adventures from every corner.


Extra tip: The trails of nine mountain highways that are a part of this park provide a delightful hiking experience across the Snowdonia way. The peaks of these mountain ranges are scintillating and extraordinary.





One of the famous and the best European vacation destinations that open up its doors for adventurers to seek their thrill at their best. It is a coastal region with no shortage of lush landscapes and scintillating mountains that peak your thrill to the extremes. Cycling along the trail of the countryside is one of the best adventures you get to do here that offers excitement all along.


Extra tip: DiscoverIreland is one of the leisure vacation packages that offer deals to explore the land. In this package, a bike is rented for you to find your trail and experience the adventure of Ireland.





This place is the most suggested of all from leisure vacation packages for Europe. Croatia is an extensive array of coastlines which make it the best European vacation for adventure. As with activities, sea kayaking and diving takes a hit there. Local fishing also seems to be an option to be considered here.


Extra tip: Kornati Islands National Park is a culmination of 100 islands that oozes magnificence to extremes. It has some rough cliffs, mystical caves, and gorgeous beaches.


Tarifa: Spain



This port town Tarifa is a cauldron of raw and juvenile coastlines that have not seen any major number of footfalls. That keeps the port a little untouched and undeveloped, but still, the spot takes what it is to be a scenic hub. One of the best European vacations would be to land here and enjoy the local kite surfing adventure that this place is largely famous for. The beaches spread the landscapes with spacious shores giving way for a lot of travelers to take part in other recreational activities as well.


Extra tip: If you want more adventure for disposing of a lot of energy, then you can head inwards to the land where there are pillars of rock hills that paves way for hiking and climbing.





The Mediterranean is of course famous for beaches and wonderful shores, but the snowy slopes in the ports are quite a watch and also a hub for adventures. Skiing is done in extremes giving perks to the travelers who seek the unending thrill of snow skating and skiing. This experience will be accounted for as the best European vacation which lingers in your memory forever.


Extra tip: Pohorje Massif, is the largest ski area with huge trails and schools for snowboarding where people engage in learning the art of these adventures.


Lapland: Finland



One of the best European vacations for the best adventure that thrills your nerve. Entering the land is an adventure of sort for the cold snow and daring winds welcome you with a gust of challenges. The shorter days are a thrill beyond imagination. Adventures here would be dog-sledding, Reindeer sleigh rides, etc.


Extra tip: During Christmas, this land glows and gleams with blazing wind and activities that surpass any normal fun. Travelers will be allowed to feed the reindeers and have a magnificent ride. Igloo is another major recreation that this land offers.


Poland: Masurian Lakes



These lakes in the borders of Poland can offer you the best European vacation experience for the amount of water sports adventure it promises. The Kayak trip is a fun way to spend your time here. Bialowieza Forest seems to be an option you might want to visit when you are here.


Extra tip: There is a tour for the display of Hitler’s war-time memorial along with the headquarters. It is a trip that fodders your curiosity instincts.


Norway’s Western Fjords:



This place is magical in all sense for it looks like a paradise with new fresh landscapes that are glorifying in all senses. Winter fills the lands with snow and the spot is mystique for your eyes to make you dwell in the attractive Fjords to satisfy your admiration. Spring is a time when the glow of the land is maintained to heights and magnificence is spread widely.


Extra tip: Most of the leisure vacation packages insist on visiting the highest peak Canoe which is a raw and rugged destination that oozes challenges.


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