5 Days With Himba People & Etosha Camping In Namibia Safari Adventure

Namibia is one of the most fascinating countries in South Africa. In Etosha National Park it has one of the most famous wildlife reserves in the region, but there are so much more things to endure here. The national parks of the Caprivi Strip are currently getting the awareness they merit, while the dune-scapes of the Skeleton Coast and its hinterland are solely exceptional. And these are just starting points for Namibia safari adventure.

Safari Highlights.

Visit Etosha National Park – Wildlife Sanctuary
Experience the Ethnic and visit Himba People
Kaokoland –Explore  scenic, northern regions of Namibia
Windhoek, explore the capital city of Namibia

Safari Description.

Touring Etosha National Park is a prime attraction of Namibia safari adventure. You will experience unique wildlife and game driving in the park.
Etosha is one of the biggest and most majestic game reserves in Africa. There is a vast salt-pan surrounded by grass and thorn savannah is In its center, Mopane bushland in the west and dry forest in the north-east. The pan is just about always dry. However, in the southern parts, there are water-holes scattered throughout the area, forming the basis of life for an endless game.
This huge nature reserve is inhabited by almost all African animal species like lion, the elephant a giraffe or zebra. It is estimated to have 250 lions in the park, 300 rhinos, 2 500 giraffes, 6 000 zebras, and more than 2 000 elephants. In Etosha, there also live a variety of antelope species like Oryx, Kudu, Eland, Wildebeest, and Impala. The dainty springbok is remarkably large in number; at least 20 000 of them are there in the reserve. During your safari, you can see the enormous herds of several hundred animals. Etosha’s elephants are the largest in Africa. The tallest elephant measures up to 4m.
You will enjoy excellent game viewing and fantastic photographic opportunities in the area that has about 30 springs and waterholes. We will approach and depart from waterholes slowly, with as little noise as possible, as not to disturb the game. Your accommodation will be in one of the three most popular rest camps at the Etosha: Okaukuejo, Halali, and Namutoni. The African style camp will offer you all the luxury life like leisure area with restaurants, shops and swimming pool during your safari.
One of the best attractions in this safari is Kaokoland, home to approximately 6000 Himba. These friendly people are solely connected to the Herero and they also speak the same language.
You can spend some time exploring the Himba, clothes, hair, and jewelry that hold a special meaning and form an important part of their tradition and culture. The Himba women use specially made cream which is a mixture of rancid butterfat and ochre, scented with the aromatic resin of the Omuzumda shrub.


Day 1 & 2 - Etosha National Park, Exploring Nearby Waterholes

It may be a lion or an elephant, a giraffe or a zebra; almost every animal species of Africa are found in this large nature reserve. It is estimated to have 250 lions, 300 rhinos, 2 000 giraffes, 5 000 zebras, and more than 2 000 elephants in the park. Different types of antelope species like Oryx, Kudu, Eland, Wildebeest, and Impala are also found in Etosha. Often, the dainty springbok are noticed in large herds. In Etosha, 114 mammal species are found, some of them are rare and endangered. Etosha houses the largest elephants in Africa. The tallest one measures up to 4m. Enjoy your stay in luxury resorts viewing exceptional game drives in the park.

Day 3 - Etosha To Opuwo In Kaokoland

Today after breakfast, we will travel through western regions of Etosha to Opuwo in Kaokoland, which is the capital of this northern region. Next day, we will visit the village and meet the semi-nomadic Himba people. They are one of the last semi-nomadic tribes on the planet, who continue to live their traditional and ancient lifestyle.

Day 4 - Visit The Himba Village

In the morning, we will visit the Himba village for an unforgettable ethnic experience, you can learn about their outstanding way of life. Here you will get a unique opportunity to witness an exotic culture and customs.

The Himba are a tribe of nomadic pastoralists who populate the Kaokoland area of Namibia. The Himbas are boasted of their customs and the beautiful Himba women are noted for their exceptional hairstyles and traditional jewelry.

Though Himba men and women wear some clothes their main attire mini-skirt which is made from a loin cloth or goatskin. Himba jewelry is made from iron or shell, and their intricate designs have become very popular among western tourists. Visiting the Himba village creates a superb opportunity for spectacular ethnic photography!

Day 5 - Arrival In Windhoek, Transfer To Airport For Departure

Today is the last day of this tour. After breakfast, we will head back to Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. The journey will take around 8 1/2 hours with two stops for lunch and relaxation. On your way, you can take pictures of the beautiful landscape. Arrival in Windhoek late afternoon. We will transfer to your lodge/hotel or directly to the international airport.


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