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2-Day Itinerary in Prague

2-Day Itinerary in Prague

The capital of Czech Republic is one of the most visited cities in Europe. The city has served as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, played a major role in the Habsburg dynasty, and was the capital of Bohemia. The historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The many churches that make up the cobblestoned center of the city have given Prague its nickname, “City of a Thousand Spires.” The historic constructions of the city managed to survive the destruction of the world wars mostly intact. In addition to history, the city has a booming nightlife and is a popular clubbing destination.

Day 1

Your first day after arrival in Prague should be spent traversing the Royal Road. Here’s where you hit most of Prague’s most famous attractions, including the Prague Castle, over a thousand years old and the largest ancient castle in the world. It is the residence of the Czech President when not serving as a tourist attraction. The castle houses the Bohemian crown jewels. You can watch the changing of the guards' ceremony. There are many sites by the castle, but must stops include St. Vitus Cathedral and the Royal Gardens. Next, you will walk over the Charles Bridge. Built over the Vltava River in 1357, this 1,700-foot cobblestone bridge encompasses 16 arches and 30 Baroque-style religious statues. The bridge connects Old Town with Lesser Town and is strictly a pedestrian walkway. It is always bustling with activity from tourists trying to get a great view of the city and vendors hoping to make a sale. Afterwards, head through the Gothic Powder Gate to Old Town Square to soak up the beautiful architecture and grab lunch. Make sure to hang around to see the 15th century-built Astronomical Clock on the exterior of the City Hall. At night, hit up one of Prague’s many clubs for a night of dancing.

Day 2

Day two begins at Vysehrad, the first castle of Czech Royalty. Nearby you will find the Basilicas of Saints Paul and Peter. Check out New Town, including Charles and Wenceslaus Squares. Stop in the Czech National Museum. Also worth checking out is the Museum of Communism. Head to Josefov, the Jewish Quarter, which is home to Europe’s oldest active synagogue, Old New Synagogue, and the Moorish-style Spanish Synagogue. Explore the Strahov Monastery. Take in the sight of St. Nicholas Cathedral. At night, take the funicular to the top of Petrin Hill. Walk through the mirror maze and stop by Petrinska Rozhledna, a mini-Eiffel Tower.

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