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Awesome Things to Do and See at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Awesome Things to Do and See at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain, a prime vacation destination for the whole family is the home to just under 20 roller coasters, is located just north of Los Angeles in Valencia, California. There are a wide array of attractions for all members of the family from young to old. Six Flags Magic Mountain has 18 roller coasters, rides for thrill seekers, rides for kids, rides for the whole family, live entertainment, and shopping.

Rides for All

Rides for the thrill seekers include Batman The Ride BACKWARDS, Colossus BACKWARDS, Green Lantern First Flight, and Goliath. These are just a couple of the 18 roller coasters that are perfect for the family member that is visiting seeking a thrill. Rides for the kids include Canyon Blaster, Grand Carousel, and Elmo's Weather Balloons. With a total of 14 kid's rides, Six Flags Magic Mountain is the perfect theme park for the young ones in any family to visit and have a blast. Live entertainment includes Full Throttle Nights, which is live music and lighting shows, Hypnotist, Justice League Meet and Greets, Looney Tunes Kid's Club, Looney Tunes Meet and Greet and a magic show. The live entertainment at Six Flags Magic Mountain, like the rest of the theme park, caters to entertainment for the whole family.

Dining And Shopping

Six Flags Magic Mountain has a wide array of dining and shopping along with its great rides and entertainment. Whether the family is looking for a taste of home-cooked American food, Asian cuisine, Italian, lighter foods such as salads, or sweets and ice cream, there is a food shop for everyone. The shopping experience at Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of a kind. There are gifts in the gift shop for everyone, essentials shop for everything you might need while visiting the park such as Tylenol or a bottle of sunscreen, sweet treats in the candy shop, apparel, toys, and unique giftable. No matter what kind of shopping one is looking to do in the park, Six Flags Magic Mountain has the shop to look in.

Must-see Attractions Within The Park

Batman the Ride BACKWARDS and Colossus are two new featured rides that are must-sees for the older family members when visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain. A new must-see ride for the kids is Speedy Gonzalez Hot Rod Racers.

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