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Top 10 Gap Year Travel Experiences For Every Girl

Top 10 Gap Year Travel Experiences For Every Girl

Where do the girls head when they want all gung-ho?! Is it the beaches to show off their summer stunner bodies, or is the gym-workouts that are gearing them to hit the mountain biking trail? Here’s  look at where the girls can go have some fun - without all the mugging and grope, of course!

1. Hoesik Nights in South Korea

Seoulisticism should leave you enamoured! The vibes of the city are very welcoming, especially towards women travelers. For those who love to socialize over alcohol, it’s part of South Korea’s ways to get to know each other better - or ‘hoesik’. As a woman, if you’ve read up on the skirt controversy, worry not - it’s something that’s meant to only deter over-exposure. If you’re looking traveling for cosmetology, South Korea must be in your list! Cosmetic surgery here is not a big deal with one in every five women going under the knife here.  

2. Ireland for the Country Girl

Ireland is a lady’s delight. Not only are women completely floored by Irish accent, but it’s also some great Irish beer and Irish pubs, and of course, the gorgeous blue-eyed men! Besides, the lush, endless green hills, scenic coastal cliffs, the countryside, the Wild Atlantic Way, some exotic falconry - are all things that will surely attract a girl and her gang!

3. Trick the Summers in Iceland

A highly offbeat choice - but a beautiful sight of the aurora borealis is bound to make feel special. And if socializing in a geothermal spa is more like you, then The Blue Lagoon is the ultimate way to spend a perfect day while sipping on some out-of-the-world strawberry champagne. A bit more adventurous? Swim between two tectonic plates at Silfra in the Thingvellir National Park. End a fabulous day with the happy hour at the Lebowski bar in Reykjavik!

4. Find Happiness in Hawaii

Hawaii is one place you can never say no for! From walking on Kilauea, the most active volcanoes in the world, relaxing on Hawaii’s world-famous beaches, taking a whale-watching catamaran tour or surf at Waikiki Beach on Oahu - Hawaii is the place to be for some good fun, sun and lunch along with your girls or even as a solo-female traveler.

5. The Vegan Traveler’s Delight in Taiwan

If shopping is your weakness woman, this is where you should be headed! Cheap, crazy, amazing flea markets await the female traveler. The sheer range of food, the diversity in culture, lifestyle and fashion will amaze you! With all kinds of leisure and adventure activities awaiting you, this is the best place to be. And if you’re a woman with a great street food appetite, well, you’ve found your heaven - One of the world's most vegetarian-friendly destinations, Taiwan is undoubtedly a popular choice! Great ease of travel and a friendly population make it a very warm city to travel in for women.

6. Amazingly Amsterdam

Friendliness is a virtue that’s much value here. Irrespective of your orientation, race, profession or class - the city makes sure everyone feels at home. With communication in English being easy, it’s a friendly city for exploration - by bike or on foot. Rich history and a modern outlook make the city a known destination among women travelers the world over. Known for it’s happening nightlife, Amsterdam is also a great place for a party, cocktail or quiet drink.

7. The Multicultural Traveler in Melbourne

Sprawling landscape overlooking a bay makes Melbourne not only a very picturesque city, but also one that is well-suited for women travelers. Street culture, urban decor, concept restaurants, ethnic diversity make it in an ideal location for a vacation. Cheap public transport and the high ranking of the city for women's safety makes it an incredible hit. Great Ocean Road, Hot air ballooning and city’s many street explorations should keep one engrossed!

8. Bring New Vigour to the Mind in Thailand

For many Buddhist followers in the West, Thailand is the ultimate destination, especially when the women folk seek some solace. Widely considered safe for women travelers, it’s also a budget-friendly destination and offers a variety of shopping options. If you’re a smart shopper, particularly one with great bargaining skills, then this should be a delight. A great Thai massage and some customized clothes should make you a very happy Thai-traveler!

9. Art-deco and Art House Films in Norway

Scandinavian countries are perhaps the best bet when you wish to go solo! They often take up positions in the top ten lists for equal treatment of women. One of the most liberal countries, it’s known for it’s egalitarian principles besides the attractiveness of the place. Whether it’s the Oslo Opera House or the Glacier Museum or the municipal cinemas, you’re bound to find yourself busy throughout the day. Take the Gaustabanen Cable Railway and ride to the Summit at Gausta - feel like a woman on top of the world!

10. The Winter Does Not Leave without a Backward Glance in Finland

Women, pen down your very own Helsinki Diaries - for this trip is going to be a memorable one! As a global design destination, it’s a source for inspiration for many who not only enjoy its architecture, but also Nordic style of dressing. For rejuvenation, the city of Saunas and spas will leave you pampered beyond expectation. Check into an art-deco bath after an audio city-tour to relax those tired feet. 

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