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Micronesian Paradise Resort to be Sold Off via $49-a-ticket Global Raffle (Seriously.)

Wouldn’t you love to own a tropical island resort in the middle of paradise? For a lot of people, however, just visiting a tropical paradise once in their lives would be a mind-blowing experience. Working and saving all of the time, which is a good thing to do, only enables you to do something incredible like visit a tropical island resort maybe 2 weeks a year. If you’re lucky, a little in-the-know, and gainfully employed on a continual basis, then it’s possible. The cold hard truth, however, is that most people will never own and/or live in a tropical island resort. Still, it also pays to look out for opportunities in life, and the opportunity of a lifetime has just become a reality.

What’s the news

An Australian business couple has taken the unorthodox measure of selling their multi-million-dollar resort business to the winner of a global, $49-a-ticket raffle they are coordinating. Imagine it. An experienced and trained staff doing all of the work needed to maintain the resort. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? The resort is profitable. Several rooms are booked long-term with pre-paid, multiple month occupancies on the books. The island is debt-free, well stocked with supplies, equipment and has over $10,000 in operational business funds. It has been in business for over 22 years. The resort is a heralded scuba diving, snorkeling and surfer’s haven that is not expected to experience any seasonal client deficits.

The resort

The resort is located in Kosrae, which is one of the four island states comprising the Federated States of Micronesia. Kosrae is a pristine, volcanic island paradise in the middle of the Western Pacific Ocean. It has coral reefs and waters that are clear to a depth of 100 feet. Kosrae is about 400 miles north of the equator. The Marshall Islands are about 580 miles northeast of Kosrae and Guam is about 570 miles to the northwest. Papua, New Guinea is about 1,300 miles southwest of Kosrae. The resort has sixteen accommodations that sell for an average of $119-a-night. In fact, 10 of the 16 available rooms are booked until August 2017 by U.S. Government department personnel. If you won the island, you would have guaranteed income on 10 accommodations for at least a year and a half.

The resort is on 3 acres of land and property. The resort business is debt-free and has guaranteed, continual income on 10 rooms. There are 16 current long-term employees who know all there is to know about running the business. The resort’s operational coffers boast over $10,000 in business funds. There are 8 business vehicles, 2 boats and ample supplies and equipment stored to run the business. Kosrae Nautilus Resort is a haven for snorkelers, surfing enthusiasts, deep ocean divers, stand-up paddle boarding, sports fishing and adventure diving, among other activities. The waters around Kosrae are strewn with sunken ruins, ships, and planes from WWII. The resort does not want for business.

The offer

All you really have to do is spend time updating your resume by inserting the word, “owner,” multiple times while relaxing in the comfort of your tropical island resort office. If that sounds good to you, then you have a chance to win a truly once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity. Australian resort owners Doug and Sally Beitz are selling their resort business, and home of 22 years, via an international raffle so as to give a chance of a lifetime to somebody on planet Earth. The Kosrae Nautilus Resort is the prize being offered in the global raffle.

About the owners

Doug, a former firefighter, and his wife Sally built the Kosrae Nautilus Resort from scratch. In 1994, after experiencing some serious introspective contemplation following the viewing of a documentary on the Federated States of Micronesia, Doug and Sally Beitz emptied their life savings and moved to Kosrae. Now, 22 years later, the Beitz family have decided to move back to Queensland, Australia to be nearer to their ever-expanding family.

How to win?

Now that the specifics are out of the way, how does one actually go about winning? You either have to buy 50,000 raffle tickets, enough multiple tickets to improve the odds of winning, or take your chance and buy one of the $49-a-piece tickets. Tickets are available in tier packages and include adventure photography by renowned photographer Matt Shepard as a gift. Shepard’s adventure travel and nature photographs are usually sold for hundreds of dollar apiece. “The Explorer Pack,” costs $49 and features 1 ticket and 1 Shepard image. The “Couple’s Pack,” costs $129 and comes with 3 tickets and 3 of Shepard’s images. If you wanted to buy 5 tickets, the “Hero Pack,” nets you 5 tickets, 5 images and will cost you $199. With the “Executive Pack, “you get 10 tickets and 10 Shepard images for $349.

You can also brainstorm or coordinate a promotional or marketing plan to sell-off 50,000 raffle tickets with you winning the island in the end. For any such proposals, however, you would need to contact the owners and their legal representation directly for a consultation and express official approval. If it turns out that less than 50,000 raffle tickets are sold, then you would end up splitting any raised raffle revenue 50-50 with the owners. If all of the raffle tickets are sold, then the Beitz family would pocket the revenue and transfer ownership of the multi-million-dollar island resort over to you. This was not a decision that was made lightly by the Beitz family.

The catch in the deal

Doug Beitz endured over a year and a half’s worth of meetings and proposals with the resort’s lawyers, Micronesian authorities, and Micronesian banking authorities. They had to be convinced that Beitz knew what he was doing and wouldn’t just hand the island off to any yahoo who walked in the door. Even if you do win, no one is going to just give you the keys to a tropical island resort, tip their hat and then walk away. Nothing in life is ever that easy. There will be a lot of documentation, paperwork, and processing to go through. For starters, you will have to apply for an international Foreign Investment Permit, pass police and medical clearances, and adjust your immigration status if you and yours moved to the island.

So, yeah, do expect some red tape, form filling, and bureaucracy. Wouldn’t you want to be convinced as well that this is all legitimate? Even the freedom to leave it all behind isn’t free. It will cost you at least $49, some background checks and paperwork, at the very least. The winner will be chosen on July 26, 2016. Therefore, you visit the official Kosrae Nautilus Resort website for more information. Or you can log onto the, “Win the Island Estates,” website, the official website for the global raffle, for all rules and guidelines.

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