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The City That Never Sleeps: Things To Do In Barcelona At night

The City That Never Sleeps: Things To Do In Barcelona At night

Barcelona is a buzzing treasure accumulation of architectural and cultural masterpieces, sunny beaches and gourmet food options during the daytime. However, as the sun goes down and the shimmering city lights embellish the streets, that’s when the energy really goes up a few notches in this beautiful city. One can say that the night starts late and ends even later for most Barcelonians as well as the tourists who come to witness the beauty of the city! And it is not surprising when there is just so much to do here. So, if you are also one who is in the Barcelona as a tourist, make the most of your night with our top recommendations on what to do in Barcelona at night!

1. Enjoy The Sunset Views Of Barcelona

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If you have always fancied dining with a view in front, just head over to Bar Mirablau Barcelona which is located on Tibidabo Mountain. Here, you’ll be treated to a spectacular view of the city. As you sip on a glass of Cava, you can watch the sky turn dark and the stunning panoramic views of the twinkling skyline. Though the prices might be slightly higher than what you would pay in downtown Barcelona, but then you are paying for the scenery as well! The Mirablau is situated at the top of the Tibidabo tram line, opposite the funicular station. In case you wish a different view of the sunset, you can also take a cruise out and enjoy the calm tranquility of the sea as you gaze out into the orange colored sunset.

2. Go bar-hopping

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When the sun has truly and well set, why not discover the beautiful city in just another way with a spot of bar-hopping? With four outlets in Barcelona and offering more than 600 different types of shots, Espit Chupitos is the place to go if you are looking for some fun. This bar is one of the most popular shots bars in the city, with each shot going at 2 EUR. This is a great place to begin your night. In case you are looking for something extraordinary, ask for the ‘Monica Lewinsky’ shot at the bar. If you are looking for something tamer for the night, Boadas Cocktails will be more up your alley. This charming and elegant bar, which was opened in 1933, will transport you to cocktail heaven. And if you are game for surprises, order the ‘Cocktail del dia’ (Cocktail of the Day)!

3. Get Enchanted by the Magic Fountain of Montjuic

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Created for the International Exposition in 1929, Barcelona’s biggest ornamental fountain lights up almost every night in a stunning display of music, motion, color, and light every half an hour. The fountain show promises to be a fun nighttime activity and is suitable for the entire family. However, do note that the timings for the show differ according to the season. The nearest metro station is Plaça España on the red and green lines. Go for a tour for the full experience! Besides the Magic Fountain, you can also check out the vibrant La Barceloneta neighborhood and the Olympic and Old ports.

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