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Over 30 Percent of All Travelers Visit the Same Place Annually

Yo-yo traveling. Vacation redundancy. Recreation repetitiveness. Whatever you want you to call it, it is a sign that people like what they like. Recent studies of traveler behaviors and travel patterns reveal that well over a third of all travelers go back to the same destination, year after year. Some travelers try to book the same hotel on an annual basis. A tenth of all travelers’ attempt to book the same hotel room year after year. Well over a third of all travelers go the same restaurant that they have always patronized before. A quarter of all travelers will wet their whistles in the same exact bar every year.

Annually traveling People

Close to 70 percent of all travelers try to log onto the hotel WIFI within ten minutes of checking in and settling into their hotel room.  Almost 15 percent of all traveler took the same photos of the same sights, views or scenic attractions in the same spots annually. According to several surveys, things like a vibrant nightlife, cool bars and clubs and even being around aesthetically pleasing people were not of importance to return travelers. Such things were of less precedence than going to a destination of reliable and safe enjoyment.

Whether this is a good or bad thing depends entirely on whom you ask. This phenomenon of return traveling is either a testament to ineffectual and unimaginative travel planning or to the fact that people are creatures of habit and tradition. People like to know what they are getting into.  And if a traveler enjoyed themselves this year, they surmise that they will enjoy themselves next year. Risk, the unknown, and unfamiliarity are anathema to the returning traveler.

The Frequent Traveler

The idea of a frequent traveler frequently traveling to the same place every year might seem like anathema to most adventure travelers, who revel in going someplace new every year. However, the demographics of return travelers is a very important customer base for the travel industry at large. What wouldn’t businesslike return customers? But more than that, return travelers determine occupancy rates for hotels.

If return travelers didn’t exist, then many hotels would go out of business due to plummeting occupancy rates. What’s more, repeat customers can enjoy fringes and benefits that come with patronizing a favorite hotel. Well over 30 percent of all travelers return to the same hotel annually. For a hotel owner, this means profit projections and a professional reliance on a continuous customer base.  Most adventure travelers look to book a new hotel every year. And while any hotel would welcome an adventure traveler, almost all hotels depend on their repeat traveler business.

Return Travelers

Most return travelers are celebrating anniversaries, continuing family retreat traditions, conducting annual business retreats and so on.  Returning travelers probably like knowing what kind of experience they will have a year in and year out. Or there may be an emotional resonance with the lodging.  A lot of people may just like the challenge of finding out about something new in the same place that they go to annually. So, whether you are an adventure traveler or repeat traveler, just remember to travel.


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