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Incredible Places To Visit In Monopoli, Italy

Incredible Places To Visit In Monopoli, Italy

Monopoli is a small seaside town, with a charming historic core, lies in the territory of Bari. It was originally populated by the ancient settlers who were better known as the Egnazias. There is an array of tourist attractions in Monopoli, from historical sites to cultural attractions. We have summed up the places that one shouldn’t ignore when visiting the city. So let’s get started with the tour that you have been wondering for a long time.

Places To Visit In Monopoli, Italy

Monopoli Cathedral

First comes first, this Monopoli Cathedral is also known as Basilica of the Madonna Della Madia and a Roman Catholic cathedral among the locals of Monopoli. Upon turning the historic pages of this cathedral, we came to know that it was erected on behest of the Bishop Romualdo. It was traditionally linked to the town cult of the Madonna Della Madia as well. After getting revealed to the history of the place, it is time to talk about the incredible thing that grabs visitors’ eyeballs. Its inevitable church’s facade, pilasters, volutes, elegant decorations, and torches that make contrasting shadows and effects which make the place look like a heaven on the earth. In this church, only red, yellow, white and green marbles are used to create chromatic impressions.

Castle Of Carlo V

The castle of Charles V is a castle in Lecce, Italy, also known as the Castello di Lecce. This castle is located on the most jutting headland on the coast, and the interesting parade ground allows the viewing of the Sentry’s walkway that connects the lookout towers on the northeast and southeast corners. This castle is the most visited tourist attraction that has a long list of fan following. It is difficult to skip this place if visiting Monopoli.

Faro Monopoli

Faro Monopoli is the most popular tourist place in Monopoli which refers to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is located on the seaside and offers a breathtaking view. Sunset is the best time to enjoy the beauty of this lighthouse. The place is good and recommended for those who want to see the history of this lighthouse and a beautiful sunset view. Upon visiting the place, a visitor can find that the price and entry fee may differ due to the varied timings.

Grotta Sella

Grotta Sella is a popular tourist destination in Polignano A Mare. The beauty of the caves is so fascinating that it becomes difficult to take eyes off this natural monument along the coast. The best time to visit this place is when the sun is almost set and one can enjoy the beauty of the coast south of Polignano a Mare. The caves are well-known for the natural arch created after the fall of the vault of the underwater cave.

Wrapping Up

After reading through the places, we are sure that it is difficult to hold yourself back from visiting this place. Be on your toes and plan your trip to Monopoli. Last but certainly not the least, do not share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.   

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