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The human mind and body are powered by electrical impulses. Our bodies are literally made of star stuff. We are comprised of matter that originated in faraway stars. We are literally made of living energy. We all recognize the living energy that resides inside all of us. Even if we can’t give a name to it or won’t acknowledge it. The universal life force. The guiding energy, the cosmic energy, the sentient human energy that comprises our being. Does that sound too New Age? Too out there? Have you ever been told by anyone that they were getting negative vibes from you? Or positive vibes? Consider the eternal maxim attributed to Karma: Positivity attracts positivity. Negativity attracts negativity. Energy can be positive or negative. Energy is never destroyed, it is only changed. Be mindful of the energy that you project into the world.

The Universal Life Force and The Noosphere Gateway

That is your universal life force. It is eternal. It transcends time. It is that energy that makes us human. Embrace it. Because if you do then you will understand the universe and the universe will understand you because both are one and the same thing. What if I could tell you that you can harness this energy? Or communicate, non-verbally, with the universal life force of another being? Or project your thoughts, wants, good vibes or personal messages into the Noosphere, a celestial plateau, and repository for the universal life force, the energy of the cosmos and the energy of humanity? The Noosphere is a celestial plateau of existence. An eternal repository and conduit for the universal life force. The birthplace and the resting place of the human consciousness. And a conduit for a human being to manipulate and guide the universal life force energy that comprises our being.

We yearn to wish upon stars and visit them through space travel because we can relate to that energy. We come from that energy. We are that energy. Imagine a celestially spatial and encumbering electromagnetic shield for the soul, the universal life, the very human energy that comprises all of our beings. It surrounds Earth. It is woven into the very fabric of the cosmos. Imagine projecting your wants to the Noosphere. Or sending a heartfelt message to someone you love on the other side of life. Or projecting an intensely personal message that you don’t want to share with anyone – except the universe. Imagine projecting whatever it is that burns inside of you. No one can understand it. No one will listen. And even if they did, no one can relate. Tell the Noosphere. It flows through and you flow through it. is a website dedicated to helping individuals self-cleanse, energize and focus the universal life force, the soul, also known as human energy. It is owned and operated by Reiki Master Serge Rigel, a native of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Reiki, or, “chi,” is another name for the universal life force that resides inside of all of us. Serge Rigel is a master practitioner of meditation skills as well as harnessing, manipulating and focusing the reiki-force. It is a skill that took Rigel years of intense study and practice to master.

Rigel is a part of a global community of Reiki Masters who want to share their teachings of the universal life force with the rest of humanity. The manipulation of the universal life force and the mutually cognizant, non-verbal recognition of such among individuals is a long forgotten, atrophied and formerly instinctual skill. It was a skill lost to the winds of time and the evolution of the deceptive, and often unintentionally misleading, verbally expressed language. Human language is based on mutual recognition of the human life force. Sometimes known as the “chi,” (Energy) or “rei.” (Universal) When a mother scans a child face, when a lover reads the face of another, when a relative feels what another relative is feeling without words being expressed and separated by distance, that is the manipulation and projection of the universal life force. If you think about, almost all communication is non-verbal. Rigel wants to help humanity retain this skill - to re-recognize and manipulate the universal life force. How many times have you wanted to say something but never did, because the energy inside of you was too great to express in words? Indeed, there are no words that can adequately express how we feel inside, sometimes. As even Shakespeare once said that human beings are afraid to truly express what is deep inside their hearts. Tell the Noosphere.

The Noosphere Gateway

Rigel has enabled his website,, to act as a universal life force energized gateway to the Noosphere and to act as a conduit for the manipulation of the universal life force. Do you have a wish that you never told anyone? A desire that you can’t put into words. If you could send a letter into the celestial ether, what would you write? Do you talk, non-verbally, every day to someone who has passed from the realm of the living onto the other side? Tell the Noosphere. For about USD $13, you can log onto and use the website as a gateway to the Noosphere. You must intensely focus on a thought, desire, issue, message or idea, one at a time, and click the Noosphere icon to project the energy wish from your universal life force into the Noosphere. Your message will be digitally encrypted so that no one reads or knows your message. Serge Rigel and his staff regularly perform Noosphere energizing rituals that will also aid you in the activation of the Noosphere Gateway. Does any of this sound too far-fetched to you? Too out there, too new age? Well, we all talk to the Noosphere regularly, if not every day. We just use different words and employ different rituals.

Wishing Upon a Star

Have you ever wished upon a star? Wished, with all of your being and physical strength, wished upon a star as if you were trying to project a part of your soul directly into the heavens? As if the very act of wishing were a Jedi-like spiritual skill set? Have you ever done that? Have you ever thrown coin currency in a public fountain to ensure that your wish is granted? Do you know that the mall or plaza staff is going to collect that publicly donated wish-money to add to their operational coffers? Do you know that? Have you ever wished for something during a Birthday wish and never revealed it for fear you wouldn’t receive your wish? If you have ever done any of these things, then know that you were trying to touch someone with your universal life force. When you sympathize or relate to complete strangers and feel as though your heart will jump out of your chest, that is the universal life force inside of you, reacting. You see flashes of it in the eyes. In gestures. In nonverbal communication cues. It is the reason why, as humans, we may get angry with a loved one or relative because they can’t tell if you are upset without verbal cues.

Have you ever had a significant other or spouse reprimand you for not reading their mind in certain situations? Have you ever heard of someone putting a message in a bottle? That is more than just sending a message – it is about projecting the energy of the moment to whoever finds that message in a bottle. Actions speak louder than words. Long, long ago, humans communicated by recognizing and interpreting the universal life force that resides within us all. Do you ever get annoyed when someone you know learns how to read you? As in they learn how to interpret your facial expressions, your pout, and silences? Do you know someone who can interpret and read your thoughts perfectly when you say nothing at all as opposed to when you actually talk? The silence can be deafening. It is no accident. This is how human beings used to communicate with each other. Almost non-verbally. We just don’t recognize it anymore. We have probably communicated this way since the dawn of humanity. We have just forgotten how to read and accurately each other via non-verbal interpretation of the universal life force.

The man once navigated the seas by starlight alone. We related to that fiery, celestial energy. We understood it. We talked to the Noosphere. We related our ideas, wants, messages and emotions without saying a word. We still do it today. Sometimes words get in the way when a glance of the eyes will do. There is an energy inside of all of us that has to be manifested and projected regularly. Words are just not enough. It is the actions and how those physical actions are interpreted that tell you everything you need to know about someone. It is all about talking to the Noosphere. Tell the Noosphere. Get it all out.

Tell the Noosphere

The $13 fee operation fee (or € 9.99) is used to maintain the website and Serge Rigel’s ability to further teach his philosophy to the world. Serge Rigel and Reiki Masters of his caliber follow a self-imposed code of ethics when it comes to the teachings of the universal life force, the Noosphere, spirituality and the manipulation of personal energy. Activating the Noosphere Gateway via is strictly a secular endeavor. While being a very spiritual person, Master Rigel employs an interfaith approach to his teachings and practices. Anyone of any faith and religion is welcome to use the Noosphere and learn about his philosophy. Lastly, everyone who uses the Noosphere gateway will receive a completion certificate in PDF form informing them that their universal energy projection successfully passed through the Noosphere. How does one know that the Noosphere Gateway works? How do you non-verbally sense when someone is not trustworthy? You know.

In your gut, you know. Take a chance. If you have ever thrown money into a public mall or plaza fountain, why not try to talk to the Noosphere through the non-verbal projection of your universal life force energy? Did you tell anyone your wish before you throw that money into the public mall fountain? Rediscover a long atrophied and formerly instinctual skill. It will take study, meditation and time, but you too can learn how to manipulate your universal life force. Reiki Master Serge Rigel and will teach you and show you how. And the next time you wish upon a star, remember that it is a piece of space rock that is brilliantly disintegrating in the Earth’s atmosphere. That is what you are really wishing on. Look inward. We are made of star-stuff. Our molecules, our very being, was formed in the heart of a star long ago. We can relate to that cosmic scale energy. We still know the Noosphere. Even if you don’t think you do. You can learn more about the Noosphere Gateway at


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