Pack Up + Go: Keeping Your Itinerary Secret Until Airport Arrival

How often do you take an all-out risk? Like a blind throw of the dice, order a different meal at the restaurant or take a vacation at a randomly picked destination kind of risk? Almost a third of all travelers visit the same hotel, restaurant and visit the same tourist sites year after year. After all, returner travel business is a vital aspect of the business. And who doesn’t want to feel comfortable and secure far from home? Yet, every once in a while we have to push the envelope, get out of our comfort zone and go somewhere unexpected. Like vacation and travel domestically. And help reinject money back into the economy and bring some much-needed business back to the domestic tourism industry. Well, taking a risk is hard to do, especially when traveling, and a new upstart company will help push you to push the envelope.


Pack Up + Go has literally thrown in the variable of the unknown to get travelers more amenable to the idea of exploring and vacationing domestically with an exhilaration and thrill usually equated with international travel. Pack Up + Go also has created and nurtured a nation-wide collective network of small and independent businesses and agents associated with the domestic travel and hospitality industry to augment their business plan.

Business Model

The Pack Up + Go business model is brilliantly simple. The current business model is based on you choosing between 2 to 3-day vacation packages. You can choose from a road trip adventure which starts at about $450 per person or an air travel adventure which starts at $650 per person. Basically, based on personal bespoke travel information you supply to the company, Pack Up + Go will design your travel plans and itinerary in secret. Your itinerary won’t be revealed until you arrive at the airport. The idea for the company, founded by Lillian Rafson, was generated while Rafson was on vacation in Eastern Europe and while exploring the Baltic Coast.

What You have to Do?

Then you have to fill out a Pack Up + Go personality and possible itinerary questionnaire. For example, you will be asked if you like music festivals, museums, comedy clubs, boutique or franchise hotels, gourmet or fast-food and so on. Based on your responses, Pack Up + Go will custom design and book your flight plans, accommodations and offer you a daily list of recommended recreation activities based on your pre-travel questionnaire answers. Pack Up + Go could make plans for you to go to Chicago and stay in the luxury-caliber Hotel Allegro Chicago. Or they could hook you up with a travel deal to San Diego and a visit the coolest attractions, like sporting events or a visit to a world-famous aquarium. If you are looking for the unexpected in New York City or Los Angeles, then you are out of luck. Large metropolitan cities and global travel hub cities do not really want for tourism business.

Global Reach

Pack Up + Go prefers to stay small as a boutique travel agency business and create mystery itineraries for mid-size American cities, smaller towns and ignored cities, (in terms of domestic tourism), who live in the shadows of the larger American cities. Think cities in Maine, Vermont, Michigan, New Mexico, Tennessee, Utah and so on. Pack Up + Go might send you on a vacation to Miami or Chicago, but you can do that yourself really. After all, you know that you can visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but where would you go and what would you do in Vermont or Utah? Tennessee? Especially if you have never visited those states or considered visiting them before. The company wants you to save your international plans for next year and take a risk and trust that they will send you on a great vacation to Salt Lake City this year. Pack Up + Go strives to provide clients with a regionally distinct and unexpected travel adventures. The company tries to keep vacation transit times under 4 hours. Otherwise, with the 2 to 3-day vacation package models that are offered, one could easily spend half of the vacation time on a plane or on the road.

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