Pokemon GO Little Tokyo Event

Does this story really need a novelty lead? Does not the mere mention of okémoGO and or this Pokemon GO Little Tokyo Event automatically turn it into clickbait? But seriously, folks, the Pokemon GO Little Tokyo Event is coming and you know you gotta catch it.  

About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, also labeled Pokemon GO, is the most recent product from the huge Pokemon franchise.  This is basically a free, mobile, location-based augmented reality game app created by  Niantic.  It hit the streets earlier this month and is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and other similar devices. Players can engage in different actions focused on battling, catching and training fictitious virtual creatures from the franchise known generally as Pokemon.  These little creatures suddenly appear on different device screens as though they were actually here in “the real world”. Users also have the option to buy in-app items for use with the free game.  They even market a special Bluetooth.  It’s called made just the Pokemon Go Plus. According to various sources, this device will let the wearer know as soon as there is a Pokemon in the vicinity.  The game initially is said to have received “mixed reviews.”  The critics took the game to task for the more obvious tech troubles yet praised it for the general experience had while playing the game as well as the way the game gets gamers to get up off their seats and get out into the real world.

The event

The Pokemon GO Little Tokyo Event, hosted by Little Tokyo Anime Club, will be held at Weller Court (located at 123 Astronaut East South Onizuka Street) in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles, California on Saturday, July 30, 2016.  The day will be one of cosplay and trendy, techno fun beginning at 11 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. Ah, but for those who have yet to experience the electronic anime event, don’t worry.  Be happy.

The Impact of Pokemon Go

In case you’ve been too busy with the upcoming election, terrorism, voting fraud and bathrooms, this game has become a big hit. It has become bigger than the Candy Crush game and reportedly upped the value of Nintendo stock.  While some physicians thought it was a good game and improved the physical and mental health of gamers, it is now mired in a muck of controversy and criticism because the players sometimes cause both public nuisances and accidents while engaged in the game. The game is perhaps most loved because as one player posted on Facebook, Pokemon Go allows the user to fulfill his or her dream to become a Pokemon trainer.  

Wrapping up

The hosts of this event invite one and all “to bring their smartphone to battle, trade (hopefully), make new friends and have fun with everyone else!” For further details about Pokemon GO Little Tokyo Event, all interested parties can visit the official website at this link.  Don’t forget, ya gotta catch ‘em all!

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