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Witness the Most Awful and Disgusting Pieces of Art at the Bad Art Museum

Witness the Most Awful and Disgusting Pieces of Art at the Bad Art Museum

The mother of all quirky and whacky attractions, Boston’s Museum of Bad Art is as twisted hilarious as it can get. Its humor is rivaled only by the preposterous pieces of art that would make art connoisseurs cringe in disbelief.  Founded in 1993, the whimsical art attraction draws thousands of curious visitors each year.  


MOBA, as it’s popularly referred to, prides itself as the “world’s only museum devoted to the collection, exhibition, celebration and preservation of bad art in all its forms”. If you aren’t laughing enough already, we tell you why the museum must wriggle its way into your itinerary. Why must you visit places that showcase the finest creations of art that make you feel untalented and miserable? The ridiculous artworks here can actually inspire a feeling of superiority about your non-existing artistic abilities.


The Museum of Bad Art was founded by antique dealer Scott Wilson and his friend Jerry Reilly after he discovered ‘Lucy In the Sky With Flowers (currently the museum’s piece de resistance) in the thrash. The painting is that of an elderly woman strolling through a flower field and inspires more than a few chuckles.  Other pieces of unflattering art include a portrait of Joan Crawford and a couple of nude giants with airplanes.


The exhibits range from works of art by reputed artists that have gone totally awry to the downright crude paintings helmed by exuberant painters who it seems lost control of their brush.  Everything from the transsexual Mona Lisa (yes you read that right) to a naked lady scratching her armpit is so absurd that it’s good. The Museum of Bad Art receives heaps of submissions from oddball painters and upcoming bad artists from all over. But it’s tough to make your way on the walls of this museum. You’ve to be really awful to achieve that. Only the very worst artworks are selected to be a part of the museum’s bad art legacy.  Out of the 20 submissions they receive each month, barely 4-5 pieces of bad art make their way into the exhibits.

Wrapping Up

The attraction is the only one of its kind to be dedicated to the pursuit of seriously flawed art that you would never come across in a conventional art gallery. Talk about celebrating lack of talent with panache!

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