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4 Innovative Tips to Pack Your Suitcase

4 Innovative Tips to Pack Your Suitcase

No matter who you are or where you’re going, one thing is certain: you will need to pack. Some travelers plan what they’re taking weeks in advance; others are more harried, tossing a few things in a bag at the last minute. Here are some tips to make the packing process go more smoothly:

The Roll-Up Squeeze

Coiling your clothes for maximum space - Fold each item in half, then carefully coil it up before placing it in your carry-on and filling all the corners. The payoff: you’ll maximize space in your suitcase. Another perk: your clothes are likely to arrive wrinkle-free. First up, fold article of clothing lengthwise. Thereafter, roll tightly, as you would a sleeping bag and arrange in your bag, with heavier items closer to wheels for balance.

The Layer Cake

Going on a business trip? This routine is a game-changer. Fold your clothes as you would at home, then place them between sheets of dry-cleaner plastic (or tissue), which helps keep wrinkles away. Also, consider leaving items on their hangers so you can just pop them into the hotel closet upon arrival. In this technique, you need to layer dry-cleaner plastic or tissue between items, leave blouses and dresses on hangers for easy unpacking and then, fill a suitcase, tucking belts and accessories into corners.

The Shrink-Wrap

Packing something bulky? Consider investing in a few Ziploc Space Bags, which look like supersized sandwich baggies...until a vacuum sucks the air out. Fantastic for compressing, say, ski sweaters. The only drawback: you’ll have to borrow a vacuum from housekeeping before your return flight.

The Porta-Pockets

A few separate inner pouches make finding your accessories, undergarments, and sleepwear a cinch—plus, they can be moved seamlessly from suitcase to hotel drawer.

Bonus Tip: Packing Shoes

If you are not using a shoe bag then keep the soles towards heaven or facing away from your clothes, for obvious reasons; soles are dirty! Remember, shoes are one of the heavier items you will have in your bag so give lots of thought to taking too many. Chose a pair that can be worn in a variety of situations. Along with the one you are wearing, you’ll have enough. In addition, use the edges and corners of your suitcase to ensure every crack and crevice is used.

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