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The Amangiri Desert Resort in Utah is Surreally Real

There is a saying that the thing that makes an imposing, inhospitable desert so beautiful to a human being is the knowledge that somewhere in that desert there has to be an underground water well. Humankind has been trying to make the inhospitable desert hospitable since the dawn of time. As human beings and travelers, we are obsessed with re-creating home away from home, making the inhospitable comfortable and divining sustenance from locales which shouldn’t be able to offer any. Well, that is almost a word for word description of the mission statement for the hospitality and travel industry. Whether you are in a brand name ubiquitous franchise hotel or an in-the-know boutique lodging, the hospitality and travel industry wants to expose you to an experience that is unforgettable and as home-like as possible.

The Amangiri Resort and Hotel at Canyon Point

You can even be made to feel at home in a luxurious, big sky country desert resort that is far removed from civilization yet is aesthetically designed and expertly staffed in such a way to make you feel close to home. Yes. Even in the dry, arid and wild desert. The Amangiri Resort and Hotel at Canyon Point, Utah is surreal in its design aesthetics, breathtaking panoramic views of desert wilderness and very real in its personal service and luxurious amenities.

Minimalist yet aesthetically daring rooms that are smartly yet spartanly furnished. Your room view may include the hotel’s main pool or desert vista view that looks like a greeting card manifested unto reality. Imagine endless horizons, sunrises, and sunsets featuring indescribable color hues, statuesque views of desert and rock landscape and the surreal architecture of the Amangiri itself.

Destinations Within the Surreal

If you view the hotel from a distance in the right light and at the right angle, then it will seem as if the hotel and the landscape behind it are being merged into a hybrid of natural landscape and boutique resort. If the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote ran past the Amangiri they would probably stop immediately, take a few selfies with the Amangiri in the background and contemplate staying there before resuming their running hijinks. The Amangiri was built around the main pool, which itself was carved out of a natural rock face. The dining rooms feature floor to ceiling length windows. The luxurious cuisine available to guests features dishes with ingredients that were locally sourced and/or grown. And the wine cellar of the dining room also features a floor to the ceiling length wine cellar.

The Pavilion is a meeting point center which features a common area, library, art gallery, dining rooms, wine cellar and out of this world views of the surrounding areas.

Features of The Amangiri Resort

The 810-acre hotel grounds are located near the Grand Circle, the geographical Four Corners borderline meeting points for the states Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. The Amangiri has been awarded numerous awards and accolades from the hospitality and travel industry, including World’s Best Hotel in 2016, Best Resort in North America in 2014 and one of the Best Resorts in the West in 2014, among numerous other awards.

You may not be able to be an underwater well in the desert on your own, but if so inclined, you will definitely find luxurious travel comfort at the Amangiri. (And water in the main pool which was cut-out from the natural rock, for another.) The Amangiri has 34 luxurious and roomy desert suites. Lodging rates start at about $1,100 a night. And in case you are wondering, “Amangiri,” is a word derived from the ancient Sanskrit language which loosely translates to, “peaceful mountain.”




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