The World's Most Expensive Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson

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Well yes, we all seek vacation luxury, but only a handful are privileged enough to put up in a suite that comes with a price tag that’s probably more than what we make in an entire year. Little wonder then that Hotel President Wilson, Geneva has hosted some of the world’s most sought-after A-listers, including Michael Jackson, Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates (don’t expect them to confirm the guest list though). The Royal Penthouse Suite here costs a whopping 60,000 Swiss Francs a night. Yes, you read that right. The 18,000 square feet luxury wonder occupies the entire eight floors of the hotel with its four bedrooms, a library, and a dining room for about two dozen people, along with several well-appointed living rooms. A butler and private chef are on call 24 by 7. This Swanky piece of retreat nestles prettily on the picturesque Lake Geneva a few blocks away from the United Nations headquarters.

Jaw dropping Features at the Best Hotel in Switzerland

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Don’t think it’s worth splurging about $68,000 for a single night? Wait till you read this. The suite comes with a fancy Steinway piano, a rare 103- inch Bang and Olufsen flat screen TV, a vintage-chic billiards room, a Jacuzzi and your very own private boardroom and fitness center. If that hasn’t got your jaw dropping on the floor already, there’s a private elevator to sneak out without attracting unwarranted attention. The entire floor is resplendent with expensive pieces of hand-picked art and futuristic looking appliances.  

Private Feet Terrace at President Wilson Hotel

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Royal Penthouse Suites’ tryst with excess doesn’t end here of course. There’s a private 1,608 square feet terrace that is fitted with a telescope for catching sweeping vistas of Mont Blanc. When you’re paying 60,000 Swiss Francs for a suite, you’ll obviously need people to protect you. The suite is fully equipped with an in-house security team and an elaborate fully equipped security system, complete with bullet-proof windows, protected doors, magnetic sensors, panic buttons and a life-size safe. How’s that for some incomparable luxury set amidst Geneva’s spectacular postcard beauty?




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