How To Choose Hotels With Kids

How To Choose Hotels With Kids

When planning a vacation, selecting the right hotel is one of the most crucial decisions to make. Commit a mistake and you could end up overspending, feeling overtired, or staying in a sketchy part of town and just simply blah throughout your hard-earned vacation. The entire task becomes more overwhelming when you have kids. Not all of us can afford to travel with nannies and so sharing your room with a toddler makes your choice of hotel extremely important when planning a trip. Here are some of the handy tips for you to choose hotels when traveling with kids.


- A central location or within walking distance to the major attractions you are planning to visit.

- Close to a hub station, if you plan to take public transportation. Not on a transit line that would require many transfers to get where you plan to go.

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- The hotel should be walking distance to a playground or park, if possible. Google maps satellite view can be used to look for play structures.

- Check for cafes or markets nearby the hotel in order to get a sense of what the neighborhood is like.


Family Friendly Room Features and Amenities

  • Larger rooms- When it’s affordable, prefer a suite or a regular room that has enough space for the kids to move around. Also, check for room upgrades that might provide you a separate sitting area to use while the kids are asleep.

  • Kitchenette- Even if your hotel doesn’t have a full kitchen, it is worth making sure that there is a small refrigerator in which you can put your own items.

  • Space to explore- Do you have a child who is an early riser? If so, you’ll want to make sure that the hotel lobby, grounds, or location are interesting enough for an early morning walk.

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  • Food- The hotel restaurant and room service menu should have a few kid-friendly items at a reasonable cost. Accommodating a child comfortably in a hotel whose only restaurant is too formal can be tricky.


Hotel Room Options Dependent on Child's Age

  • A crib at no additional cost- Check carefully any hotel crib for safety before placing your child in it.

  • A rollaway bed or sofa sleeper

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  • Adjoining rooms

  • Babysitting- If you think you’ll need this, it is worth asking in advance since not every hotel is able to recommend a babysitting service, and also most services need at least 24 hours notice. At some of the high-end resorts, the hotel will work to provide you the same sitter for your entire stay if you make your request well in advance.

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