Most Terrifying Hauntings in America

The Entity House


One of the scariest cases in paranormal history is that of the Doris Bither house in Culver City, California—a haunting that inspired the story for the film “The Entity.” The Culver City house on Braddock Dr. has twice been condemned. The story goes that Doris Bither, mother of four, suffered severe abuse at the hands of her parents and ex-boyfriends. Doris herself was allegedly quite abusive to her kids. They lived in squalor and their house was in shambles. The first thing paranormal investigators noticed upon their arrival was the volatile relationship Bither had with her children. The second thing they noticed was too much pressure in their ears. You could feel the negative energy all around you and it was suggested by parapsychologists that the psychodynamics between mother and children attacted poltergeist activity, or maybe even Bither psychosomatically created the events that took place. It was reported that whenever Black Sabbath played the ghostly activity amped up and Doris reported being sexually assaulted by an unseen force in her bedroom. Continue on to read about some of the scariest hauntings in America!


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