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The World's Most Expensive Restaurant Serves Up a Delicious, Traditional Japanese Treat

The World's Most Expensive Restaurant Serves Up a Delicious, Traditional Japanese Treat

There are restaurants and there are restaurants that re-define the entire concept of luxurious fine-dining. Don’t read further if you’re on a tight budget because this is simply going to blow your mind. The Daily Meal has chronicled some of the world’s most expensive restaurants and topping this high and mighty list is Japan’s Kyoto located Kitcho.

Operated by award-winning chef, the Michelin- starred Kunio Tukuoka, a fancy meal at this super opulent dining venue will make you poorer by $600 per person.  Who says fine meals come cheap? The restaurant is touted to serve the most authentic, delicious and perfectly seasoned Japanese cuisine in the country.  Some of its most iconic dishes include turtle soup and salmon slivers, all created to perfection using the choicest ingredients.  

Often referred to as the ultimate dining venue for Kaiseki (a rather ceremonious multi-course Japanese affair that is originally linked to traditional Japanese tea ceremonies), Kitcho was founded in the 1930 in Osaka by Teiichi Yuki. Expect to be served about ten plus courses in the most loving and ceremonious style in antique crockery. The place looks like a restored museum with all the trappings of an ancient Japanese teahouse.

Their subtle and highly nuanced Kaiseki preparations are artistically presented with a smattering of rich local flavors and seasonal ingredients. According to the Huffington Post, the most compelling philosophy is to maximize flavors by making the richest stock or awarding an inventive twist to a fish preparation to make it more exciting for uninspired diners.  Each dining party is seated in a sprawling dining room, and is barely aware of other diners.

Planning to visit Kitcho? You may have to start organizing a fund-drive soon.

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