Delta to Serve Fliers $500-a-bottle Whiskey on Sinatra's 100th Birthday

Delta to Serve Fliers $500-a-bottle Whiskey on Sinatra's 100th Birthday

Delta to Serve Fliers $500-a-bottle Whiskey on Sinatra’s 100th Birthday


By A. A. Francis


On December 12, 2016, every passenger on a specific Delta Airlines flight route will receive a glass of specialty $500-a-bottle whiskey.

The offer will be a celebratory courtesy to thank Delta passengers and it comes directly from the Chairman of the Board. 

During his lifetime, iconic entertainer, actor and singer Frank Sinatra was a noted enthusiast of alcohol and spirits. Whiskey was definitely known to be one of his more favored drinks.

Delta Airlines, in coordination with the Sinatra Estate, have developed an ambitious plan to celebrate the upcoming 100th birthday of the iconic late singer.

On December 12, which is the birthday of Ol’ Blue Eyes, all Delta Airlines flights departing JFK and bound for LAX will serve everyone in the cabin a glass of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century special edition whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century is a special edition, premium whiskey that was flavor-developed by the Jack Daniel’s company along with crucial input and directives from the Sinatra Estate.

The full, $500-a-bottle, Jack Daniels Sinatra Century whiskey product is sold in a luxe-packaging box and comes with a collection of previously unreleased Frank Sinatra tunes titled, “Sinatra Live at The Sands in 1966.”

Adjust your reminders and calendars to book a JFK to LAX Delta flight on December 12. Then you can comfortably sip a special edition whiskey that would definitely meet the Chairman’s approval.




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