How to Score Freebies and Upgrades in Your Hotel

How to Score Freebies and Upgrades in Your Hotel

If you're looking for the hotel room that the online pictures promised you would have, instead of the drab room you ended up with, then here are some tips to help you out.

Stay Loyal to a Brand

Hotel loyalty programs offer many great freebies and upgrades to their members. Hotels want their most frequent guests to be as happy as possible, so they'll cater to most of your needs as long as you can prove you're a member. Using their credit card won't go amiss either.

The Late Bird Catches the Best Worms

If you check in to your hotel later in the day, the managers will have a better idea of what's going to be available for that evening, which gives you more wiggle room when you want an upgrade to a better room. This is a perfect option if you're only planning to spend a night or two at the hotel.

Check Out the New Kids

This might seem out of step with the first tip, but it's important to consider. Many new hotels are very eager to bring in new guests that will return on their next visit to a destination and one of the ways they do this is to offer free or cheap upgrades to guests. This way, those guests will tell their friends about how good the hotel is and write better reviews on social media, which will bring more guests in turn.

Keep Quiet and Be Polite

If you are looking for an upgrade, make sure to approach the front desk when there are only a few people in the lobby. If too many people hear you, then they will want upgrades as well, and there's only so many to go around. You should also use good manners at all times. By being nice and polite to the front desk manager, they'll be more likely to grant more common requests such as corner rooms, larger rooms, and rooms with more extras such as a fully-stocked minibar. Paying for a slightly better room will make them more likely to offer upgrades as well.

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