Halloween Locations Across the U.S.

Halloween Locations Across the U.S.

Halloween is an eventful time of year when everyone gets to have some fun and dress up as whatever it is they want, whether it is a superhero or just a simple prince/princess costume. Kids, even adults, like to partake in all of the traditions of Halloween that involve either going trick or treating or to go to a party for the older group. No matter what it is, having a good time on Halloween is always a great way to celebrate, but there are some popular tourist attractions across the United States that provide more bang for your buck when it comes to the holiday and this is a list to tell you about them.

West Hollywood, California

If you are into the type of scene that has thousands of people and feels like one giant party, then you will love the festivities and surprises that go on in West Hollywood on Halloween. So many people, so much to do and even some surprises along the way, you will be having a great time as soon as you step on the scene. If you don’t mind bumping some elbows with more people than you’ve seen in any one area at the same time, take the trip to enjoy the concerts, partying and fun that West Hollywood offers.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Yes, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was inspired by this wonderful location in which the city embraces its spooky past year in and year out. From Halloween parades and haunted hayrides to festivals and the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze at Van Cortland Manor, Sleepy Hollow provides all of your Halloween needs in one area. It’s just outside of New York City, so going from one location to the other is a breeze and you can celebrate Halloween in multiple locations.

Salem, Massachusetts

If you’ve never heard of Salem, Massachusetts, then you probably don’t know much about the legendary witchcraft trials in 1692 and all of the histories that comes with this city, especially on Halloween. In the month of October, Salem is definitely a place to visit for all of the Halloween fun because they really do go all out to please its residents and visitors. There are haunted houses, the House of Seven Gables, special events that occur at the Witch Museum, the Witch House, street performers, parades, costume balls and so much more than you and your family can enjoy. Have fun and be safe, Happy Halloween!

Other attractions: Theme Parks

This one is going to be bunched into one category because, quite frankly, there are so many out there and they are all doing great things for Halloween. You can go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm; all of these places (and more) have mazes designed to scare the pants off you and whoever you are with. Spook zones, haunted mazes, entertaining shows are all part of what makes theme parks a great destination for Halloween.


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