Destinations to Visit in Mumbai, India

Destinations to Visit in Mumbai, India

Traveling is fun, especially when you are in Mumbai, India. It is the capital of Maharashtra and known internationally for the booming film industry. There is a place adjacent to the Churchgate station where you can get a glimpse of Bollywood. For more action, visit the heart of the city or refer to Mumbai business directory.

Best Time to Visit Mumbai

If you want to see the city gearing up for the festival, August is the best time to visit. People decorate their houses with banners and lights. The costumes, colors, and food for the festival will be on sale in the local shops. The big event is a loud walk through the streets carrying idols of God. Mumbai is the best place to go street shopping on any occasion. From buying souvenirs at Colaba Causeway to sampling fresh food in Crawford Market, there are plenty of things to do. And the most recognized way of spending a holiday in Mumbai has always been a visit to the city's greatest monument namely the Gateway of India. If you are by boat to Mumbai, this monument is the first thing you will come across. Plenty of vendors peddling around this monument can make the place a bit rush during the day, especially weekends. On the flatland, outside the city walls, there are many fascinating architectures and buildings to see. The train and transportation system can get you tired if you haven't gone through Mumbai yellow pages, but due to many other facilities like autos, cars, and vans, traveling can be reliable and efficient.

Dabbawalas are Special Attractions

Dabbawalas is like stepping back in time. Finding a good eatery in a railway station, that too when you are traveling is a Herculean task. These dabbawalas serve food in lunch boxes to thousands of customers around Mumbai, and if you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to taste food from one of their 'dabbas' meant for travelers.

Top Attractions to Visit in Mumbai

Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminal

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This is the monumental railway station which acts as the grand terminal on the western front of India. It is city’s most exuberant Gothic Building and an aphorism for colonial-era monuments in the Country. The building can be seen as a mélange of cultures from Victorian to Hindu and Islamic ways of constructions. It has an imposing Daliesque structure of buttresses, domes, turrets, spires and stained glass.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

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It is one of the world’s most iconic hotels build and managed by Tata Hospitality and having the pleasure of hosting presidents and royalties all over the world. It has a full-frontal view of Gateway of India it one of the most sought-after hotels in the country.

Elephanta Island

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The UNESCO World Heritage site of Elephanta Island also known as the rock-cut temples of Gharapuri is situated in the Northeast of the Gateway of India in Mumbai Harbor. It is probably built between AD 450 and 750, the labyrinth of cave temples represents some of India’s most impressive temple carving.





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