How to Enjoy A London Trip in 3 days

How to Enjoy A London Trip in 3 days

London, England is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Tourists may visit the spectacular city all year round. However, the peak season is during the summer months when there is lots of sunshine. Also, in the winter months, some of the attractions of London may close a little bit early than usual. However, on the other hand, visitors can avoid the summer crowds if they come to this lovely city in the months of autumn or spring. London is home to numerous and varied tourist attractions. Tourists who are pressed for time can opt to check out the most famous ones. A three-day trip to London can be enjoyed by visits to the below listed fascinating and well-known attractions.

Trafalgar Square

It can be called as one of the main attractions or centers of London. It is home to different kinds of cultural festivities and events. No matter what time of the year it is, you will always find something or the other happening at this scenic place.

London Eye

It is the largest and the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe. Go for a ride aboard this magnificent structure and enjoy unique views and glimpses of the entire city. It is particularly captivating in the night.

Nelson's Column: It is a 50-meter tall concrete column built to honor the well-known admiral who fought with Napoleon’s fleet, to the death, at Trafalgar.

Whitehall Palace Banquet House

It is a gem of an example of early neoclassical structures constructed in England. Ensure to check out the stunning ceiling decorated by Rubens and other artistic marvels.

Big Ben

A trip to London cannot be complete without a visit to this major landmark in the city. It is a beautiful clock tower with four clock faces, and is a section of the Westminster Palace.

Houses of Parliament

Both the House of Commons and the House of Lords are situated in the elegant and intricate Westminster. Visit it to get a taste of the political life in the United Kingdom.

Westminster Abbey

It is an important and awe-inspiring commemoration site in London. The interiors are even more attractive than the impressive exteriors.

Piccadilly Circus

It is a renowned road junction that is adorned by the ‘Eros Statue’ bang in the center. It is also famous for the many electronic billboards crowning the numerous buildings all around.

Buckingham Palace: Tourists cannot afford to miss a trot down to this majestic palace which is the official home of the British monarchy. Ensure that you check out the ceremony of the ‘Changing of the Guard.’ It is quite fun!

Oxford Street London

It is one of the most well-known and popular shopping areas in London. Shopping aficionados can choose from over 300 brands of stores and shops.

Covent Garden

It is another shopping area which attracts both locals and tourists by the hordes. The area has a unique and special ambiance which cannot be experienced elsewhere!

Other Attractions

If time permits, tourists may also check out the British Museum, Chinatown, the National Gallery London, the British Library, and Hyde Park.


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