The Landmarks of Venice, Italy

The Landmarks of Venice, Italy

The Italian experience involves a possible scooter ride around Rome like Audrey Hepburn. Or perhaps, you could visit the same Florentine buildings, academies, and churches that Da Vinci passed through during the Renaissance. Or you can take a trip to the north and enjoy a day shopping the finest stores in Milan. But if you want an authentic experience that is ages away from the contemporary, modern experience of the city and somewhat has kept intact its storied past -- there is no greater place to visit than Venice. One of the best places for vacation in Italy, the city of Venice is situated on its own island, thus giving it the advantage of being “out there” by itself and not becoming a victim of modernization and development that many big cities in Europe suffer from.

Historic Backdrop

The small, canal-filled city that is Venice retains much of what it was when it was the world center of all maritime trade during the Renaissance. The city grid, the canals, the streets and the main square all remain untouched and restored to their Renaissance glory. One would think that the city of Venice is some sort of 15th century themed amusement park, but it is not -- it is a city lucky enough not to be touched by modern design.

Top Attractions

St. Mark’s Square.

Reaching the city can be done via water taxi that is plenty on the outskirts of the city. After a brief ride where you can enjoy sparkling views of the Italian port city, you will find yourself into the heart of Venice. And if you are lucky enough, the port where you disembark will be the one adjacent St. Mark’s Square. Possibly one of the biggest landmarks and one of the great meeting points of the city is St. Mark’s Square. The principal square of the city, it is the largest open space that is encapsulated by other large famous landmarks. The opulent Doge’s Palace and the church of Saint Mark surround the square, which is known to attract more pigeons and tourists alike. One can truly soak the Venetian lifestyle as well as the sun just by sitting and relaxing in the spacious square.


Right next to the Doge’s Palace is the tall and formidable Campanile. This bell tower literally towers over the square and is one of the most recognizable attractions to the city. Rebuilt and restored many times over many centuries, the Campanile will definitely be part of the city for many centuries to come. Possibly the tallest structure in Venice, tourists have the privilege to reach the top of the bell tower and view the city from above.

The Rialto Bridge

Away from St. Marks Square are a couple more landmarks every Venetian tourist must see with their own eyes. Among all the bridges in the city, the Rialto bridge is the grandest bridge that spans the Grand Canal (the main water artery in Venice). It is the oldest of the Grand Canal Bridge and it connects the San Marco and San Polo sections of the city. The close to the 900-year-old bridge has been built and rebuilt using timber to present day stone.

Other Attractions

When in Venice, go ahead and enjoy a little street pizza and gelato. Take a gondola ride with a singing gondolier or possibly enjoy a five-course meal at a fancy restaurant. But the mentioned landmarks are a must to see, to photograph or at least to look at with your own eyes. Much like the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you can’t miss these Venetian landmarks nor should you.

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