Top Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

Top Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

Most visitors just call it "Cabo," which implies all the fun you can have in this part of Mexico. The city of Cabo San Lucas is a major resort destination and a hub for international flights in and out of the country. And after a hurricane in 2005 ruined so many of the white beaches that made Cancun famous, young tourists and partygoers have flocked to Cabo for a better time.

Tourist Attractions at Cabo, San Lucas

If you're ready for a good time in Cabo, here's a list of things that you can do while you're there.

Visit Land's End. 

Also known as El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, this massive rock formation is three stories tall and a popular site for tourists who want some great photos and views of the city. There are plenty of hotels nearby, along with a gathering spot for many sea lions if you're hoping for a glimpse of exotic sea creatures.

Go scuba diving. 

Adventurous types will love the scuba diving in Cabo. You can actually watch the sand falls firsthand, as the tide pulls in massive plumes of sand below the water. The beaches for scuba divers are also pleasant spots to stay for everyone else, like Lover's Beach and Shipwrecks Beach on the East Cape.  

Eat the best seafood at Mariscos Mocambo. 

Located on Calle 20 de Noviembre, this restaurant doesn't have many frills like other tourist attractions, but it does have the best seafood you'll ever have. Take in a selection of delicacies like shrimp empanadas, octopus ceviche, clams, and lobster.

Get authentic Mexican food and shows at La Casa Country. 

On the Marina is another fine establishment, La Casa Country. Here you can get more traditional Mexican cuisine like carne asada and fajitas. The walls are lined with sports TVs to keep you up-to-date on the latest scores, while outside the windows are lovely views of boats coming in and out of the Marina.

Get a drink at The Office. 

Most of the Spring Break crowd will gravitate to loud and rowdy places like the Mango Deck Beach Club, where beer, bass, and dancing is plentiful. If you'd rather have a nice round of drinks in a more relaxed environment, try The Office. Here you can enjoy a fine margarita under a big blue umbrella, where the tables and chairs are right on the sandy beach.

Visit the small town of Todos Santos. 

Some of the best attractions are outside Cabo, like the town of Todos Santos to the north. Not only will you enjoy great meals at restaurants like Café Santa Fe and La Esquina, but Todos Santos is also a haven for surfing and beautiful colonial architecture.


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