Fun Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

Fun Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

There are two places that everyone thinks about when they hear about Australia: the vast deserts of the Outback and the metropolitan class of Sydney. As Australia's largest city, Sydney is often mistaken for being the country's capital (which is actually Canberra). Even so, Sydney is a key cultural and economic center, home to a large and beautiful harbor and historically valued as the original British colony on the continent. The city has grown large and lovely over the years, drawing millions of new visitors each year. If you'd like to be one of those visitors, here's what you can do while you're in Sydney.

1. See the Sydney Opera House

It's the most iconic landmark in the city and with good reason. Its white-shelled roof is renowned throughout the world, providing a unique design for both its exterior appeal and its internal acoustics. If you're inclined to take in a show, you'll find that tickets aren't terribly expensive.

2. Go up Sydney Tower

This free-standing structure is over 1,000 feet (or 300 meters) tall, providing a panoramic view of the entire city. At the main observation deck (known as Sydney Tower Eye), you'll be able to purchase tickets for access to higher levels of the tower, where bars, restaurants, gift shops, and theaters can be found. And you won't want to miss a tour along the open-air section known as Skywalk.

3. Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens

Located near the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens are the oldest gardens in Australia. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the beauty of these manicured lawns and trees. Here you'll find a collection of flora from all over the world, with a focus on plants from Australia and other territories in the South Pacific.

4. Explore the beaches

Beaches like Bondi and Cronulla are famous for their surfing, but you'll also find the water is excellent for swimming and paddling. Lounge around on the white sand or stroll along the beautiful coastline. You'll find all the beauty and joy you could want with just a day at a genuine Australian beach.

5. Walk along Sydney Harbor Bridge

Within view of the harbor and the Opera House, this bridge is free for any tourists to walk along and see the magnificent city and some stunning views of the Pacific.

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