Beyond Hollywood: 4 Non-Showbiz Reasons to Hit SoCal

Beyond Hollywood: 4 Non-Showbiz Reasons to Hit SoCal

Some people may think that Los Angeles (and by extension, Southern California) is strictly for Hollywood sight-seeing and studio tours. And while SoCal does indeed offer a rich hub for entertainment enthusiasts, this sunny region has a lot more to offer. So even if you aren’t looking to get some star-struck moments, be sure to swing by anyway so you can experience all the awesomeness in SoCal.  Need convincing? The following reasons should do the trick:

Amusement Parks  

Craving for excitement and adrenaline rushes? Check out Southern California’s wonderful theme park selection. There’s Six Flags Magic Mountain, also known as the coaster capital of the world that’s home to some of the most daring and thrilling rides you’ll ever see. Be sure to get on board X2, a five-dimensional coaster that’s sure to get your blood pumping. If you want to experience your all-time favorite films at a whole new level, then Universal Studios is the way to go. See the actual sets of top movies and TV shows, go aboard film-themed rides, and see Hollywood special effects in action. Sight-seeing with the family? Be sure to swing by Disneyland for a magical experience with characters that both kids and adults adore. Rub elbows with Disney princesses and cunning villains and go on family-friendly rides. Still can’t get enough of theme parks? Knott’s Berry Farm is just minutes away from Disneyland so if you’re looking for more thrills, this 160-acre theme park can certainly top you off!


Los Angeles welcomes diversity with open arms and offers a melting pot like no other. If you’re looking to trade in the monotony of your day-to-day life for a rich cultural experience, look no further than LA. The Los Angeles area will truly give you an enlightening, education, and fun experience that you won’t soon forget.  

Exquisite Wines

Cucamonga Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego County, and Temecula Valley are just some of the Southern California regions that are home to the best chateaus in the globe. The weather in the region makes it ideal to use very ripe fruit and produce wonderfully-flavored wines. Additionally, numerous grape varieties are grown in Southern California and this enables wineries to produce wide selections.

The Weather

If you’re looking to catch a break from cold and gloomy climates, there’s no better place to escape to than Southern California. With bright and sunny days practically all year round, being in SoCal means your plans to go gallivanting will almost always be a go.

The Beaches

Looking to go surfing? Want to get the perfect tan? Look no further. From Malibu and Santa Monica to Huntington and Laguna Beach, you can’t go wrong with Southern California’s Beach selection.

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