Romantic Things to Do On Your Venice Honeymoon

Romantic Things to Do On Your Venice Honeymoon

“Venice is eternity itself”! Joseph Brodsky was indeed right when he said this.

Of views worth a glance, of music and dance, and of love and romance, the dreamy aura of this paradise-like place makes it a perfect choice for the honeymoon. Be it eating the famous gelato together, or kissing under one of the many bridges, each and every experience in Venice will surround the couples with nothing but complete love and sheer bliss on this extravagant Venice honeymoon.

Five Must-Dos On Your Romantic Venice Honeymoon

1. Observe Soul-stirring Sunset Together On St. Mark’s Square

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Known famously as the Piazza San Marco among the locals, observing a sunset or a sunrise on the St. Mark’s Square of Venice is truly a sight to behold forever for the couples on the Venice honeymoon. There is not a single person who wouldn’t fall in love with the romantic hues of the sky in the famous and a prime public square of Venice, as the sun goes down.

2. Go On A Gondola Ride

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The Venice honeymoon is going to be incomplete without experiencing a ride on the famous gondolas. The cruise through the canals, kissing under the bridges and enjoying the colorful building blocks are a few of the best things that a couple should never miss at all in Venice. Although up to six people are allowed to share one gondola, it is recommended you take a separate one for more privacy.

3. Enjoy Romantic Dining By The Canal

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Be it the mesmerizing backdrop of Venice’s historical monuments, the quixotic waters of the canal, a romantic dining experience by the canal always makes for a pleasant evening. There are a number of restaurants such as La Palanca, Lineadombra, and Ristorante da Alvise, amidst others that leave no stone unturned in making one’s dining experience into the most romantic moment that the couples can cherish on their honeymoon in Venice.

4. Watch Romantic Ballet Performance At Teatro La Fenice

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If you plan on watching a live opera performance or a ballet show in Venice, make sure to book yourself one of those special seats in the golden balconies. Teatro La Fenice features some of the best talents in the world, putting up world-class performances.

5. Share Some Gelato Love

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The localites of Venice don’t just love eating the gelatos but are completely crazy behind them. Sharing a gelato has the capability of turning any moment into a fun one and so should be on every couple’s list on their Venice honeymoon. Just ask for your favorite flavor and enjoy!

Wrapping up:

From the most surreal moments to the most cliched experiences, a honeymoon in Venice will surely give you every chance to enjoy romantic moments in everything you do.






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