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A Breakdown of What You Can See at the Long Beach Aquarium

A Breakdown of What You Can See at the Long Beach Aquarium

A memorable family vacation spent in the Golden State is sure to be filled with sunshine, sand, and fun. When the sand starts to burn and the sun beats down, take a break and cool off in the deep blue waters of the Aquarium of the Pacific. The Aquarium of the Pacific, located in Long Beach, California, is home to several events, activities, and exhibits which are sure to excite the whole family. Put up the sunscreen and leave the flippers at home because exploring deep into the Pacific has never been easier. The Aquarium of the Pacific breaks down into three main sections of exploration, the Southern, Northern and Tropical Pacific:

Southern Pacific

This section greets its guests with The Amber Forest, Seal and Sea Lion Habitat, Gulf of California, Ray Touch Pool and Shorebird Sanctuary. These exhibits give a closer look into the Baja and Southern California waters, offer interactive opportunities the kids will love and endless views of unique species of aquatic life that will leave the viewer speechless.

Northern Pacific

During this section’s exploration, guests will be greeted by the well-loved Otter Exhibit, giant Pacific octopus, and Surge Channel. Guests will view a variety of jellyfish species, adorable slip and slide otters and the graceful form of the octopus all amongst hypnotizing rolling waters. The last stop on the Northern section is the Diving Birds Exhibit where guests will witness the amazing diving abilities of several fun-loving puffins.

Tropical Pacific

Guests will walk into a colorful tropical paradise in the Tropical Pacific section. Thousands of tropical fish among brightly colored coral, seahorses, and sea turtles will leave every guest searching for words. Kids will love the daily diving and feeding presentations among spectacular fish. Not only is it a great opportunity for fun but also for education as visitors learn about several breeds of turtles, live coral and fish.

As well as the three sections of the Pacific, the aquarium also offers several large attractions that will be sure to excite every ocean explorer:

• Observe several species of penguins inside their natural habitat in June Keyes Penguin Habitat. Enjoy viewing opportunities from above or below and daily feeding presentations. Also engage in the educational opportunities, such as screenings of penguins in the wild and sculptors of penguins worldwide.

• View a monster amount of sharks in Shark Lagoon and come face to face with some of the largest sharks in the Pacific. Watch as several feeding presentations show the incredible strength of the beautiful predators. Also, enjoy the shallow touch pools where guests can touch and pet the smaller gentler shark breeds as well.

• Explore the planet in the Ocean Science Center. Kids will be in awe of the Science on a Sphere presentation and parents will love the educational benefits.

• Learn about the benefits of watersheds in California inside Our Watersheds: Pathway to Pacific. Kids can “make it rain” while enjoying water-filled play and learning about the benefits of watersheds in the society.

Wrapping Up

The Aquarium of the Pacific is endless fun, wonder, education and excitement. Before waving goodbye to the California sun, complete the vacation by diving out of the gold and into the blue.


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