Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island

The Bahamas consists of around 700 islands and islets in the Atlantic Ocean (not the Caribbean, contrary to popular belief). The capital and largest city are Nassau, located on New Providence Island. The most well known and traveled to the island is the Grand Bahama Island. The climate of the Bahamas is tropical Savannah, so it is warm year-round. The Bahamas is a very popular tourist destination. People visit the islands mostly for relaxation on the luxurious beaches and water adventures such as scuba diving.


Grand Bahama Island is the fourth largest in the Bahamas and the nearest major Caribbean island to the United States. Grand Bahama has three major towns: Freeport, home to the island’s main airport and its commercial shipping port, West End, the oldest town on the island and its capital, and Lucaya, the tourist center of the island with many beaches and resorts.

Activities on Grand Bahama Island

The Dolphin Experience

Get up close and personal with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Swim with the dolphins in open waters. The animals are well trained and the experience is totally interactive. The Dolphin Experience is located at Sanctuary Bay.

Treasure Bay Casino

With 400 slot machines and 21 games tables, you can spend the night high rolling.

UNEXSO Dive Center

Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, kiteboarding, and other watersports are also a major part of the Bahamas experience.

Attractions on Grand Bahama Island

Port Lucaya Marketplace

Shops, restaurants, bars, and live entertainment, Port Lucaya is where all the action on the island is at.

Lucayan National Park

The park encompasses 40 acres filled with mangrove and palm trees, beaches, and the Lucayan Caverns, a six-mile system of caves, caverns, and underwater tunnels, the largest in the world.

Garden of the Groves

The botanical gardens were opened in 1973 and house 10,000 species of plants, flowers, and trees.

Gold Rock Beach

If you are looking for a place to unwind away from all the congestions and just soak up the sun and the scenery, this white-sand beach is the place to go.

The Straw Market

Straw plaiting is a significant part of the culture of the Bahamas, so you can’t go on a trip there without picking up one of the hand-crafted straw creations.

Rand Nature Center

This 100-acre wildlife preserve is great for spotting birds, including 18 species that are exclusive to the islands. There are also 2,000 feet of walking trails.

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