Best Travel Destinations in Phoenix

Best Travel Destinations in Phoenix

The latest news these days revolve around the polar blast that hit most of the United States. Record low temperatures, frozen roads, and dangerous traveling conditions are among the issues people in most of the country are suffering through. It is during periods like this where people tend to think of a warmer, sunnier place to be. Hawaii maybe out of the way but in the mainland, the southwest portion of the country is a burgeoning travel spot to visit. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego are top tourist destinations but in the neighboring state of Arizona, there is a treasure trove of cities and culture that are somewhat untouched by most domestic travelers.

Also Known as ‘Valley of the Sun’

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The one place often considered the “Valley of the Sun”, the metropolitan area of Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona. Adjoining with the cities of Scottsdale and Tempe, the Phoenix area is a constantly growing city that caters to business and families. Easily accessible by plane or train or by a nice road trip on Interstate 10. The city of Phoenix is an amazing sports town with professional baseball, football, hockey and basketball teams making the city their home. Baseball fans make the springtime pilgrimage to the area in order to watch their favorite teams that make Phoenix and adjoining cities their spring training center. Arizona State University make their home in nearby Tempe, where the annual Fiesta Bowl takes place on New Year’s Day.

Famous Pastime

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Another annual pastime that also takes place under the winter sun is the Phoenix Open. Usually, at the end of January or start of February, the Phoenix Open is a PGA Tour event that has been won by the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. But the marquee feature of the event is the historic Par 3 16th hole, which is designed in a “stadium golf” style manner. Known as a loud, party hole -- join thousands of fans as they cheer and jeer professional golfers as they tackle the 170-yard hole. Looking for culture? Phoenix is home to many museums and paying respect to the Native American influence that has prevailed in the region for several centuries, there are plenty of museums dedicated to the Indian culture. The Heard Museum celebrates the art, artifacts, and history of Southwestern people, from Native Americans to Hispanic cultures. Another landmark site is the custom home named Taliesin West by the famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, who built this home as his ode to the Southwest.

The Bottom Line

The Phoenix area is abundant with a lot of the old culture and the new. The nearby Gila River casino will appease those looking for a fun Vegas style casino game. Those looking to experience holistic and new age treatment need only to travel north to Sedona. But Phoenix is not just that hot city in the Southwest, it’s a thriving city that is developing into one of the biggest cities in America.



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