Travelling to Singapore - A World of Amusement

Travelling to Singapore - A World of Amusement

Asia has so much to offer that it can be hard to know where to start. But if you've got the money to travel and are looking for someplace that's big and exciting, then your next destination should be Singapore. This city-state and island country may seem tiny compared to its neighbor China, but it's one of the busiest commercial centers in the world. It can boast of having the third-highest per capita income in the world thanks to its economy's foundation on trade and manufacturing. Companies from all over the globe come to Singapore to do business and get the best deal on their products and the lowest taxes.

If this is your first time to Singapore, you'll do well to keep these survival tips in mind.

Be prepared to pay a high price for accommodations. 

Because it's so highly populated, you won't find many cheap hotel rooms or hostels. A decent hotel room can run from $100 to $300, with most comfortable mid-range hotels located near Chinatown and the Singapore River.

Prepare for hot and humid weather all year-round. 

Few can withstand the bright sunny days in Singapore, so it's recommended that you wear sunglasses or a good hat. It's also generally humid, so shorts will be required, too (the only exception is if you visit a temple, where you'll be asked to dress more modestly).

Get by on public transit. 

There are plenty of buses around Singapore, but the fastest way to get around the city is by train. The Mass Rapid Transit and Light Rail Transit connect every district of Singapore, though you won't see much of the city when you're being sped through a series of dark tunnels. Both the buses and the trains use contactless tickets. You can make your bus trips easier by putting money into an E-Z-Link or NETS Flashpay card.

Visit Chinatown. 

Despite being so close to mainland China, Singapore's very own Chinatown is still an excellent place to immerse yourself in the local culture. Located near the Central Business District, this 2-square-kilometer neighborhood is full of Buddhist temples, humble shops, food stalls, family-owned restaurants, and bargain shopping outlets.

Enjoy the local cuisine on Smith Street.

Historically, this road running through Chinatown is home to many of the best theaters and cinemas in Singapore. For the average tourist, however, it's better known as one of the best places to get good affordable meals from any of the vendor stalls and food courts.

Visit the Singapore Botanical Gardens. 

Not all of Singapore is a fast-paced city. Its Botanical Gardens contain over a thousand different species of orchids, along with a genuine rainforest and several waterfalls to explore.

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