Plan A Wonderful Rwanda Trip With This 7-Day Safari Tour

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 11,2023

Rwanda is a nation with great natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Tourists can explore the beautiful Butare town and Nyungwe Forest Reserve. They can meet the family of chimps in Cyamudongo Forest. They can also taste a different slice of Africa in Gisenyi and Lake Kivu. Find out all the top attractions in this nation with this 8-day safari tour of Rwanda.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Rwanda

Meet your private guide at Kigali airport, who will transfer you to your hotel. Set off with your guide on an introductory tour of the city. Kigali is an attractive city and also the capital city of Rwanda. Experience a short rendezvous with the vibe and culture of the city. Following that, enjoy a lavish dinner at an excellent restaurant before retiring to your resort for the night.

Day 2: Stunning Nyungwe Forest Reserve

Today, visit the Kings Palace and Museum. After soaking your eyes with the stunning palace and museum, continue to Nyungwe Forest Reserve. The beautiful tropical forest of Nyungwe boasts a host of butterflies and reptiles, along with more than 300 species of birds. This is where you can spot around 13 primate species during the hiking. The massive tea plantation emerging next to the forest gives it an all-green look which is just wow to be captured. Also, one can not miss exploring the famous canopy walk in the forest, which gives you another way to soak in the scenic beauty of the forest. The walk also brings you closer to the golden monkeys who swing one branch to branch in the canopy. 

Day 3: Wild Cyamudongo Forest

Wake up early in the morning to depart Cyamudongo Forest. Your guide will take you to a habituated chimp group that has been habituated to human contact. Chimps in the Cyamudongo Forest are wild. Still, the regular visit of travelers across the world has made them habituated to human contact, which allows you to approach them within a few meters - as close as the touching distance. LHoests monkeys, silver, vervet, olive baboons, and blue, golden, and red-tailed monkeys are some of the most spotted species in the forest. 

Day 4: Heading to Gisenyi

After breakfast, depart for a drive along Lake Kivu shoreline to Gisenyi. Its a picturesque resort located on the northern shores of the stunning Lake Kivu. The lake has some nice white beaches that your eyes would love to get soaked into. Do not expect crocodiles around, as they have been absent from the lake for a long time amid volcanic action. Enjoy the serene beauty of the lake.

Day 5: Enjoying Volcanoes National Park

Today, enjoy an early breakfast before your guide drives you in a private vehicle to the famous Volcanoes National Park. It is famed for being the home to gorillas and golden monkeys. Witness the imperious mountain gorillas and quirky golden monkeys. Get a close encounter with the mountain gorillas on your visit to the famous Volcanoes National Park.

Day 6: Strolling in Volcanoes National Park

With the help of a local bushman, who will be your guide in the park, follow the trails leading to the mountain gorillas. Learn the tricks to spot the giants in the park. Sometimes, the footprints and hooting of the gorillas will help you find them in the lush green forest of Volcanoes National Park. In either case, the encounter will be adventurous in all senses. Be spellbound by the vision of the primates in front of you. All you can feel is the vibration their foot makes in the ground and the echo that fills the entire park with their hoots.

Day 7: Departure

Today, your private guide will transfer you to the airport for your international departure.

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