Top Hotels in New York: Holiday Travel 2021

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The city that never sleeps, NYC! All inundated with the beautiful neighborhood, great architecture, and larger-than-life characters— New York is undoubtedly one of the most amazing places to visit on the planet. The city is like an epic love story, you fall deeper and deeper and there’s simply no end. You would so connect with the place that there would not be a word to describe it. Like a best friend, NYC gives shelter when you are in pain & hugs you like a lover in the silence of the night. 


The city brims with energy and life throughout the year, the amazing art & architecture, those massive number hotels in the neighborhood have each something spectacularly gravitating. If you are looking for leisure tour packages & planning a vacation to NYC, our gamut of top hotels in New York would be pretty helpful in finding one for an experience you could reminisce and cherish. The family has put in all the effort to bring you the best recommendation on the top hotels in New York. Let’s read to find:


1. Arlo SoHo 



Hotel website: Arlo SoHo


“Small things sometimes mean a whole lot!” That’s evident from this 4-star exceptionally rated Arlo SoHo, the micro-boutique hotel. Located in the heart of one of the world’s top cities, the hotel is just about a small distance away from the restaurants & stores in SoHo. And, there are Greenwich Village & the Tribeca, fabulously located in the neighborhood of the hotel. Though small, the Arlo SoHo is one of the top hotels in New York, perfect for your holiday travel. The cabin-esque rooms are designed with love — combining contemporary furniture, efficient storage spaces & a multitude of playful touches. The rooms feature an array of views, bed types, and other amenities that you would never have thought of for your holiday travel. And, Arlo is one of the top hotels in New York with an equally cool NoMad neighborhood hotel version. Consider Arlo SoHo whether you are booking your accommodation on your own or booking leisure tour packages.


2. Mandarin Oriental New York



Hotel website: Mandarin Oriental New York 


The Mandarin Oriental is one of the top hotels in New York and is the best thing for your holiday travel. Located just about on the corner of Central Park, it brings you an opportunity to conveniently explore the city. Mandarin Oriental has always been a prized name among discerning travelers. Its prime location offers an easy reach to plenty of the legendary tourist attractions of New York! There are 244 sumptuous rooms and suites in the hotel, all of which provide spectacular views of the Hudson River, Manhattan’s glittering skyline, and Central Park. The world-class shops and restaurants are just about a few minutes away. Mandarin Oriental New York would be one of the best choices if you are looking for top hotels in New York according to travel experts & editors. 


3. Soho Grand Hotel



Hotel website: Soho Grand Hotel 


The Soho Grand Hotel is a downtown one of the top hotels in New York! It takes you around the wonderfully authentic local culture, entertainment, nightlife, and dining. The flamboyance is rarely found anywhere else. Be it the sublime interior or the extremely hospitable staff— everything is just about a lifetime experience. The hotel is the perfect portrayal of what SoHo used to be and what it continues to offer— for people looking for luxury tour packages, this is probably the best place. The stylish space wrapped in all luminous light, the recently updated guest rooms & the terrace suits will take you through the creative energy of the place. Whether you are tucking away at the Lounge or are enjoying a Soho Diner on a night out, every space has something that differentiates it from many of the top hotels in New York.


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4. The Box Hotel



Hotel website: The Box Hotel


Located in Greenpoint, bordering Long Island City & North Williamsburg, the Box Hotel is one of the top hotels in New York. It’s a uniquely amazing place to stay in the city and when we say that about a hotel in the Big Apple, of course, it means something. Book Leisure tour packages that let you enjoy the luxury & opulence of this place. The industrial-chic interiors can bring anyone from a stressful state to peace! The hotel rooms are all embellished with top-notch artwork, feature pendant lamps & hardwood floors. Most rooms have an extremely visually appealing look and they look more like apartments. These bedroom apartments are inclusive of cozy living rooms, pull-out couches, and kitchens. And, they offer almost every amenities in the world— flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, balconies with superb views, coffee-making facilities, and so much more. If you are looking for top hotels in New York, this is the place.


5. Lotte New York Palace



Hotel website: Lotte New York Palace


Located in Midtown Manhattan, the Lotte New York Palace has long found its name in the list of the top hotels in New York. This iconic hotel is the perfect place for a business meeting, wedding in glamour, and is a perfect place for any holiday travel trip. And, it gets you the real feeling of the New York environment! The Lotte New York Palace inculcates the Old-world elegance & the new-worldly featuring 909 rooms and suites. At the newly opened Pomme Palais and Villard Restaurant— you would enjoy some mouth-watering pastries, sandwiches, and other breakfast dishes. In addition to that, there is this 7,000-square-foot full-service fitness center which makes sure that the fitness freaks do not miss out on their fitness regimen. And, there are pet-friendly accommodations so you can bring your furry friends along on your holiday travel. What more can we expect from top hotels in New York??


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6. Four Season New York



Hotel website: Four Season New York 


Four Season is fittingly known as one of the top hotels in New York for its vibrant, diverse & inspiring environment. It is where art comes to amalgamate beautifully in architecture and is just about a few steps away from the authentic neighborhood of the town. At Four Season New York, the holiday travelers come to discover an amazing form of beauty perfected with modern-day tools & techniques. Be it the hotel’s globally inspired Spa or the celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck or our world-class unique health and wellness floor— it has got something way inspirational to make a holiday travel trip stupendous. You can also enjoy the perfect stress-relieving massage at their heaven-like spa and there’s so much more to get rejuvenated here. Four Season New York can never be a bad choice in any list of top hotels in New York!


7. LUMA Hotel 



Hotel website: LUMA Hotel 


The LUMA hotel, which is located just about 300 meters away from Times Square brings to you an elevated experience and is undoubtedly one of the top hotels in New York. There’s absolutely no dearth of good things to talk about the hotel— be it the on-site bar, the free WiFi throughout the property, or the on-site restaurants— all of it makes LUMA one of the top hotels in New York. Each and every room is equipped with air conditioning, has a 50 inch flat-screen TV, blackout shades, and windows with electronic control. And, the king-sized rooms are equipped with sofa areas for guests to relax & rejuvenate. Every room in the hotel is newly designed with modern-day amenities and at LUMA, you are close to Times Square yet away from the hustle and bustle. This accommodation goes best with your leisure tour packages and vacations. 


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8. The Plaza



Hotel website: The Plaza 


The Plaza hotel started its operation in 1907 and has been one of the top hotels in New York since then for most holiday travelers. Every day hundreds of guests come here from around the world to enjoy its wonderful amenities & charm. Located on the Fifth Avenue at Central Park South, precisely enough, the Plaza has been setting for a number of Hollywood films and has brought over various coveted celebrities, kings, and presidents at the hotel for a luxurious stay.  You will enjoy the Plaza Food Hall where you are served breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner at the Palm Court— and some great pasta and seafood at the Todd English Food Hall. The Plaza features about 282 distinctive guestrooms, which also includes 102 luxurious suites. The contemporary works of art that are juxtaposed with Classic crown molding bringing about some great color & look to its guestrooms. What else one can expect from top hotels in New York?


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9. The Greenwich Hotel



Hotel Website: The Greenwich Hotel


The Greenwich Hotel is another on our list of top hotels in New York. It’s an amazing option for all the holiday travelers located in the proximity of Manhattan Skyline and The High Line, two of the popular spots in the city. All the rooms are equipped with a minibar, a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and everything you might expect on a Holiday travel vacation. experts themselves booked their accommodation here to make sure if it fits into our list of top hotels in New York. It has an on-site pool & lounge— and those guests get paid parking who come by vehicle. In the fashionable neighborhood of Tribeca with 88 rooms and suites, the design of each room is just about homage to fine craftsmanship. At The Greenwich Hotel, most guests have claimed it to be an over-the-top experience during their holiday travel trip. 


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