Top 6 Tips You Should Know For Honolulu Vacations

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 05,2022

Honolulu vacations are well known for their gorgeous beaches and incredible scenery. It also has a very laid-back ambiance. But do not be deceived by the relaxed surroundings. Honolulu is very large, with several districts. Every district has its distinct character. One of the most-visited parts of the city is Chinatown. It has some of the best restaurants on the island. On your Honolulu vacations, you will find something for everyone. There are entertainment facilities, great shopping malls, galleries, and internationally acclaimed museums.


Let us find out much more in our comprehensive guide to Honolulu vacations. With our help, you will be able to plan your next Honolulu vacation easily.


1. The Best Time for Honolulu Vacations



You will discover on your Hawaii vacations that you will get ample sunshine and moderate temperature the whole year-round. The best time to go on Honolulu vacations is seen as September to November. December to March is the peak tourist season. The hotel rates are a little higher during this period. Surf enthusiasts flock to Honolulu during the peak season. The prices of accommodation rise with the increase in crowds. May to August is also an exciting option for Honolulu vacations. This is because there are fewer crowds and the prices are lower. This makes spring a great option.


2. Where to Stay during your Honolulu Vacations


In Honolulu, you will get every kind of accommodation, such as holiday apartments, bed and breakfasts, and luxurious and boutique spa hotels. There are many high-rise luxury and mid-range hotels that are a part of Waikiki's iconic skyline. There is also lots of affordable accommodation in the city. These include the Manoa Inn in Manoa-Makiki and Plumeria Hostel.


3. How to Arrive for Honolulu Vacations





The Honolulu International Airport is the primary entry point for nearly all vacationers. Flights from most US cities to Honolulu land at the Main terminal. Many international carriers are present at the airport. Tourists can go to their hotels by using the Airport Waikiki Express. The express service runs every half an hour. For a one-way trip, the price is $16. It is $30 for a round trip.




Several tourists prefer to come by sea. They are usually the passengers of a cruise. Pier 10/11 is situated near the Aloha Tower in Honolulu Harbor. It is five miles from the airport and only three miles to Waikiki.




Also available from Honolulu International Airport are local services on the bus. A couple of routes stop at the airport at half-hour intervals. They go to Waikiki and Downtown. You can take buses on level two of the Main terminal or Inter-Island. Tickets are priced at $1.25 for children and senior citizens. The normal tickets cost $2.50. Every passenger is required to have the exact fare. In city buses, you can only take luggage that fits on the seat of your lap or under the seat. You can rent a car or take a taxi if you have any large items.


4. How to Get Around on Honolulu Vacations


Honolulu is a vast, spread-out city. So, it is essential to understand how you will go from one point to the other. The city roads are very easy to navigate, and a great public transport system is in place.




Honolulu is served by a local transport organization called The Bus. The company provides routes to Honolulu. It also gives services to other portions of the island. You can get a monthly pass from the 7-Eleven or local supermarkets. The passes are priced at $60 per month. They can be utilized on as many buses as you travel per month. Remember that they are given based on a calendar month and not for 30 days. Also, you cannot avail of them after the 20th of that month. A Discovery Pass for four days is priced at $35. You have to scratch off the month and day of the first journey. Travelers can also avail themselves of many trolley bus services. These include the Waikiki Trolley and Green trolleys that run from Diamond Head to Kahala Mall at half-hour intervals. The Red trolley that goes to Hilo Hattie and Chinatown has historical and cultural landmarks. You can also take the Pink dining and shopping trolleys that go to Ala Moana Mall.




The government regulates Honolulu taxis. Thus, the prices do not differ for different transport organizations. A journey from the airport to Waikiki is less than $50. It is usually recommended to tip the driver. Many taxi services also provide trips to Oahu.


5. What to do on Your Honolulu Vacations



USS Arizona Memorial


The Japanese airstrike during World War II on Pearl Harbor marks modern American history. It led to America's involvement in the war. The soldiers who lost their lives that day are commemorated and honored with a white monument that floats in the bay's waters. The Pacific Aviation Museum chronicles the following events of the war. The Missouri Memorial battleship was the site of the Japanese surrender. The site provides some great tours, which brings back the history of the location. 


Waikiki: Hit the Beach


Travelers will first experience the Hawaiian vibes in this beachfront neighborhood. Waikiki beach provides the main highlights of the Honolulu vacations. But the surrounding areas also have many exciting events on offer. Traditional performances and live music are omnipresent. The streets are filled with bars and restaurants. You will also find surf lessons being given to beach-goers of all ages. For a change of pace, tourists can also go to the Hawaiian Zoo to have a great time with the family.


Diamond Head State Monument


This great peak rises high above the city. Its shape can be seen throughout the streets and from the coastline as well. You can go to the top of the hill through a historic hiking trail. The walk is very popular with travelers and residents. It has become a crater of gigantic proportions through volcanic activity. The landscape forms a perfect circle. There is the famous outlook point at the end of the hiking trail. There are spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the capital city from that point. 


Iolani Palace: Royal Grounds


This is a gorgeous palace at the center of Downtown Honolulu. At one point in time, it was the residence of the erstwhile rulers of the Kingdom here. Now, it is open for tourists to enter its premises to understand the history of Hawaii through the royal residence. It is the only one of its kind in the whole of the USA. The insides of the palace are filled with overflowing treasures, ornate furniture, and portraits from around the world. The Hawaii State Art Museum is located nearby. It provides a platform for local artists to represent their unique and original work.


Lyon Arboretum: Paradise within Paradise


You will discover an oasis of plants and trees maintained and protected with great care outside the city. You can go to the brilliant grounds through long winding trails. Travelers feel the sounds and sights of the tropical world everywhere. You will get completely immersed in the special Polynesian flora. The preservation of the natural beauty of the archipelago is the mission of the Arboretum.


6. Shopping on Honolulu Vacations


The city is a shopper's heaven. Every district has its unique specialties. You will get shops such as designer stores, luxury shopping malls, and local markets. The city is one of the costliest cities in the country. But it is still less costly than New York. Go to DFS Galleria or the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center to have some retail therapy for yourself. There is also the International Market Place in Waikiki, where you can wander amid banyan trees. The Downtown has exotic delicacies, and the Mauna Kea and Oahu markets will help you look at the hundred-year egg. The Kahala Mall and the Koko Marina Center in Eastern Honolulu are cheaper than the Waikiki malls. You can find local crafts and arts for great prices at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet in Western Honolulu on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.




Honolulu is an oasis with incredible sights, volcanic peaks, diverse wildlife, and varieties of flowers. Honolulu is the biggest city in Hawaii. It is situated on the gorgeous island of Oahu. It has some of the best surfing and diving spots in the world. You are sure to enjoy Honolulu vacations.



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