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Beaches or adventures, a Hawaii vacation package will be like no other. It stands apart from the rest because of its enchanting paradise-like feel it imbues. Summer vacation here will rejuvenate you and bring you out of the impulses of daily life. 

Hawaii is known for the Aloha state of mind, which refers to love, compassion, and peace. True to its meaning, Hawaiians are meet and greet kind of people; you do not have to be known to them to see their humble side. The Hawaiian vibe is of optimism and revelries. The minute you land in the resort, you will be welcomed heartily with the lei, a garland, or wreath made of beautiful flowers. 


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It does not end by that, but Hawaii is an amalgamation of equally enchanting places to visit. One thing is for sure; your vacation will provide the best experience for life. With so many amazing sights to see, make sure you add the below destinations in your vacation packages. 

  1. Visit Maui island:

What better way to start your trip from Maui? No specific rule but Maui is where you should begin. It is the lucky charm of Hawaii since it is the hub of everything a tourist desires. Right from beach activities, events, to having a delightful Bon Appetit, and shopping, Maui offers the best to tourists.

Recreation and warm aloha vibes go hand in Maui. On one side you will find lush green forests with a zip lining adventure going on. On the other side, there is a group of mountain bikers ride through the rough terrain. Snorkelers glide on the sea and paddleboards come to the shore after giving an adventure to people. 

Every turn on the beach offers a different angle of the island’s beauty. No wonder why it will be a photographer’s paradise! And do not forget to entertain your taste buds with some crisp coconut shrimps, kalua pork, wasabi, spicy crabs, and hot tunas. 

But wait, not everything about this island is calm and adventurous. Some spots of Maui are still in touch with the past. When you linger there, you will feel the vibes changing from adventure to introspection. The Maui Ancient Temples is one such place which is, surprisingly, still intact. It is beautiful and expresses the origin of all things at Maui and Maui itself.  

Visit the oldest Bailey House Museum which is decked with the rare artifacts of the island. It served as the house of Edward Bailey, Hawaii’s renowned artist. The Demi-god wooden statue will stun you and so will some of the oil paintings of Bailey. 

  1. Big Island’s Manta Rays Night Dive and Snorkel adventure:

Many exotic destinations in the world are famous for diving adventures. Nut what makes Hawaii’s Big Island a special one is a time you get to dive: at night! 

Big Island offers a mesmerizing opportunity for tourists to dive into the sea at night amid manta rays. They are gentle species that flock the Kona Coast in hundreds. A manta ray night drive allows you to explore the sea while the creatures just swim around you. A snorkel trip is wherein you are onboard looking at the manta rays below you. It is a great sight to see the sea sparkle around with them. Surely it is an adventure not to be missed! 

  1. Pearl Harbor tour in Oahu:

Most of the Hawaii vacation packages have this tour included. It is one of the most informative tours which provide a staggering glimpse of history. Most people know Pearl Harbor for oyster harvesting. But it is more than that. Pearl Harbour is one of the places which faced the severities of the World Wars. Get to hear some stunning stories from the local natives dating back to 1940s and you will love history all over again! 

  1. Lava Tour in Hawaii:

Be prepared for the most exciting hike to the Volcano National Park of Hawaii! Lava tours are famous in the destination. This tour is offered by many vacation packages. The hike starts early morning and lasts approximately four hours. It is not that strenuous, but depending on the lava fumes on a particular day, you need to be safe and a good distance away from it. Watch for yourself how volcanoes spew forth hot lava in one of the unique locations of Hawaii. No worries, because tour guides will be there with you. 

  1. Waikiki Beach:

If you are craving some calm beach vibes with a tan and sunscreen, then head to Waikiki. It is lined up with some cool resorts, so you will surely get a room with a balcony facing the sea. This beach is great for surfers to start learning. A bunch of beginners learns surfing every year with the help of experienced tour guides. 

Though the beach is small, several events such as surfing competitions, musicals, hula dancing, are conducted all year round. They are attended by tourists from many countries. 

  1. Kona Coffee tour, Big Island:

Coffee lovers will have a great time at this five-acre organic coffee farm. The Kona Coffee farm offers tourists an intricate session explaining how coffee beans are plucked and proceeded to make the coffee. There is no age bar and everyone is allowed. But if tourists want to attend a chocolate-making workshop, the farm arranges customized sessions for the same. 

  1. Explore the Kauai coastline: 

Unparalleled scenic views of Hawaii await in Kauai beach. When you think to admire the turquoise blue waves of the beach, the red and dominating mountains demand your attention. If Maui is for surfing, Big Island for snorkeling, then Kauai is for next-level adventures. Ziplining through trees, a helicopter tour over the vast coastline, swimming with sea turtles are just some of the adventures offered by this chunk of land. 

It is in Kauai, where the real essence of the ancient Hawaii civilization is still alive. The minute you hit the sand, your mind explores yourself in depth. This land is known for maintaining a fine balance between modernity and the conventional. 

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