8 of the Best Tips for Cancun Vacations

Cancun vacations are a favorite among almost everyone. On your Cancun vacations, go to Tulum or Isla Mujeres. You can also visit Chichen Itza. It is one of the new wonders of the world. 


Read this article to find out how to plan your Cancun vacations. This is a dependable travel guide for your next romantic getaway or family holiday in the form of Cancun vacations.


1. Best Months to Go on Your Cancun Vacations



Usually, Cancun vacations can be taken at any time of the year due to the great weather found there the whole year. But some times of the year may seem better suited to you. There is warm sunshine, cooler Caribbean water, and low humidity from December through April. If you wish to go to cultural locations, this is a good time to go on your Cancun vacation. This is because you will not get sweaty when visiting all the different sites. You can also go on your Cancun vacations from April to June and November if you want to stay away from crowds. Also, do not go there from February to March as that is the primary spring break season.


Visit Cancun in May if you are a nature enthusiast and want to go for activities such as whale shark sightings and sea turtle nesting. July to October is the best option for low crowds and great deals. It is the rainy season in Cancun. You will be able to focus on indoor entertainment, shopping, and casinos. There are very few chances of the occurrence of a hurricane. In the past three decades, there have been only a couple of hurricanes in Cancun.


2. What to Pack for Your Cancun Vacations


Your Cancun vacation packing list can become overwhelming if not planned correctly. There is resort casual apparel, airline entertainment, and TSA-approved toiletries. You will also have to accommodate snorkel gear, water wings, and swimsuits if you want to get involved in water and beach activities. According to us, it is the best option not to make packing too complicated. You will want to have comfortable and light items since Cancun is usually sunny and warm the whole year. The items include sun hats, sunglasses, water shoes, flip flops, cool tops, and shorts for sunny Cancun vacations at the pool and beach. Sunscreen is also an essential item. However, you can likely purchase it at the resort or several places around the city.


Also, make sure to pack a collared shirt for men and a dress for women. This is because many resort hotels recommend the dress code of resort casual at several upscale restaurants. It is also recommended to pack performance fabric shirts to stay burn-free on your Cancun vacations. Try to pack a dry bag to keep valuables, a waterproof camera, and a waterproof phone case. This will give you peace of mind. Try to bring along any swim floaties that your kids love and prefer wearing. You do not want your kids to complain about ill-fitting life jackets and water wings because water safety cannot be taken lightly. If you have a baby, it will be great to have a travel baby carrier.


3. Entry and Exit Requirements



Anybody going to Mexico, including children and adults, must have a passport and a tourism card or FMM to enter the country and depart from it. US and Canadian nationals need tourism cards. They can be acquired online from your airline, the Mexican tourism office, or the Mexican consulate. You will also require this card when you leave the nation. So, ensure that you keep your passport and the card safely with you.


4. Getting Around Cancun


You will discover that the best mode of transport to go around on your Cancun vacation are buses. This is unless you have taken a rental car. They are typically faster and cheaper than taxis. You will have to take the resort shuttle bus or hire a taxi during arrival and departure from the airport. The ferry is a fun option to go to islands such as the Isla Mujeres. Most of the time, it is also the only way.


5. Safety



According to Cancun's official travel information, you will be glad to find out the area is very secure for visitors and tourists. The Hotel Zone is guarded with surveillance cameras and patrol cars in public areas. Most of the large resorts have strict security rules and gated entrances. But, it is still advisable to not stroll off into unfamiliar areas and pay attention to the surroundings. Rough surf at the beach is probably the biggest safety issue that you may encounter. One of the highlights of Cancun vacations is dabbling in the warm waters of the Caribbean. Just be cautious and pay close attention to the lifeguards and the conditions.


For those wondering if Cancun's water is safe to drink, the answer is in the affirmative. But you should proceed with due caution. The water at all the resorts in the Hotel Zone is purified and is thus safe to drink. But the further you get from the Hotel Zone, the more careful you should get. But bottled water is the safest best. It is usually included in most all-inclusive packages.


6. Where to Stay


You may be seeking mid-size accommodations with a kitchenette, a small hotel, or a luxury resort. It can sometimes become overwhelming to find out where to stay during your Cancun vacation. As a start, try to figure out whether you want a natural and laid-back setting or a bustling city vibe. The Hotel Zone is the most famous resort area. It provides a vast selection of family-friendly hotels with all-inclusive packages, live entertainment, spas, restaurants, fitness centers, and pools. Suppose you enjoy the beach but also want the choice of other attractions and activities. In that case, the downtown El Centro area is a wonderful option.


The laid-back Playa del Carmen is for the water and nature lovers. It is an hour from downtown. Isla Mujeres is just four miles in length. It is situated off the coast of Cancun. It gives an idyllic setting of quiet relaxation, lush palm trees, and crystal blue water. Puerto Morelos is located between the Playa del Carmen and the Hotel Zone. It provides local businesses and boutique hotels amid a Mexican fishing village.

One of the most popular islands in the area is Cozumel. You can access it with a ferry ride or a flight. Tourists interested in the authentic culture and history of Mexico will enjoy this island setting. 


7. What You Need to Know About Currency



Most stores in the area accept US dollars and credit cards. But it is still a great idea to get some pesos in exchange for some of your dollars. This will help you use the currency at local markets and tipping people such as waiters, street performers, and taxi drivers. Timeshare solicitors are a curse for almost all the travelers I have ever talked to. They try to get in your way everywhere. Just say a firm but polite no and move on. Organized day trips to sites such as Chichen Itza or Tulum are the best methods for visiting the various cultural centers. Your resort concierge can assist in making reservations and booking tours. 


8. How to Save Money in Cancun


Buses are present everywhere in Cancun. They typically are priced at less than a dollar per ride. This makes them a good alternative transport method over walking or taxis. You should combine your trip with an all-inclusive package. It will make your Cancun vacations very affordable. Bundle resort activities, dining, accommodations, gratuities, and taxes. Attractions and beaches are locations where sellers try to give overpriced souvenirs to tourists. Politely decline these offers and purchase them at other locations such as stores to save some money.




Cancun has great beaches, mesmerizing sunsets, historic locations, watersports, and great entertainment. Tourists get all the facilities they desire. They can avail themselves of activities and restaurants at a beautiful all-inclusive resort. They may even opt for the nightlife, shopping, attractions, and casinos of downtown Cancun. We hope our guide will help you to enjoy your Cancun vacations to the fullest.



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