Ultimate Adventure on an 8-Day Antarctica Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 08,2021
Antarctica Vacation

Antarctica is Awesome!! You would not find a place where you would find the vastness of the wilderness as magical as in Antarctica. The snow, ice, rocks, and the huge stretch of water all over— Antarctica vacations can bring you a hell of an adventurous vacation. Antarctica’s enormous ice shelves, surreal remoteness & the multitude of species making you embrace one challenge after the other— it’s simply an exploration of a thousand miles. And, the great news is that most Antarctica vacation packages nowadays include — kayak icy waters & a chance to climb the Antarctic huge beautiful peaks. This huge mass of land is absolutely embraced in ice and is ready to take travelers through an infinite adventure!!




It might look impossible to reach this corner of the world— for its wilderness featuring in the history & science books. But it is not impossible to reach in here! There are people working on expedition ships that are about taking people from different parts of the world to Antarctica— but there are many people who have no idea about this. Antarctica is a relatively undiscovered land as compared to other parts of the world but that does not mean it is impossible to reach here. But gradually Antarctica vacations are becoming the ultimate adventure travel for people who want to seek adrenaline-pumping adventure. 


While there are only a few flights that can get you to Antarctica but the only real way to reach this snow-capped piece of land is via cruise expectations or boat that help you explore the entire Antarctic Peninsula. And, you don’t have to stay on the boat for all of your Antarctica vacation time spans— all cruises allow you to get off the ship and go on an endless exploration of the surrounding areas. Most Antarctica vacation packages will offer plenty of opportunities to explore it all— be it watching the whales, kayaking, or observing the penguin. Let’s take you through an 8 days Antarctica vacation: 


Trip at a Glance:


Day 1 & 2: South Shetland Islands

Day 3 & 4: Antarctic Peninsula

Day 5 & 6: Drake Passage

Day 7 & 8: Falkland Islands


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Detailed Itinerary


Day 1 & 2: South Shetland Islands



The South Shetland Islands is one of the most visited locations on any Antarctica vacation. The collapsed but active volcanic cone is protected by the narrow entrance & high cliffs. The South Shetland Islands are considered the world’s safest natural harbors. This 12 km wide amphitheater was used first by sealers & then by whalers. Located at about 160km north of the Antarctic Peninsula, the South Shetland Islands is included in most of the Antarctica vacation packages & tours. All covered in ice, this beautiful part of Antarctica is home to a couple of spectacular glaciers & fjords. The island has eight countries maintaining their research stations here and most of these centers are situated on King George Island. On the other end of the island, penguins and elephant seals occupy the rocky coastline. 


Location: North of Antarctic Peninsula

Popular for: A snow-clad island, elephant seals, Active volcanic zone, penguins, and more.


Day 3 & 4: Antarctic Peninsula



In the last few years, Fly-cruise options have increased where tourists' two days' sail is cut to a two hours flight where they can reach their cruise ship already waiting for them in Antarctica. A Peninsula trip is another great way to experience the charm of Antarctica— in a smaller span of land, you would be able to experience plenty of wildlife & scenery. The amazing sky spreads all over, huge icebergs, unexpected weather changes, and there are almost surprising waiting for you at every turn in the Antarctic Peninsula— and the spectacular wildlife is going to keep you always in awe. The area that includes — the South Georgia Islands, South Sandwich Islands, Antarctic Peninsula, and Scotia Arc — is considered to be the most productive parts of the Southern ocean. The Antarctic Peninsula is located in the northernmost parts of the Antarctic continent and it stretches about 1,500 kilometers along the tip of South America. About 75% of the total krill population is part of the Antarctica peninsula.


Location: Northernmost part of Antarctica

Popular for: Narrow passages, towering glaciers, Spotting unique species of whales, and more.


Day 5 & 6: Drake Passage



Located between the Antarctic Peninsula & South America, the Drake Passage a tiny waterway. Most polar travelers consider it as the gateway to Antarctica— one must experience the passage before making their way to experience the unbelievable beauty of Antarctica. The name came from the famous English seaman and global circumnavigator Sir Francis Drake. It was in 1616 that Willem Schouten led the Flemish expedition traversed the passage first. The huge span of water that the passage includes is more than aby adventure travel experience for the globetrotters. The waves, excitement, and gales might cause some unusual churning in your stomach— you have to be aware to handle. From the fascinating wildlife to giant albatross, and interesting geography sessions— that is what you can expect when passing through the passage. Most Antarctica vacation packages include all of it, so be prepared in advance.


Location: In the middle of South America and Antarctica

Popular for: Fascinating wildlife, giant albatross, Colossal Iceberg & more.


Day 7 & 8: Falkland Islands



Situated in the Southern hemisphere, the Falkland Islands offer the best opportunity to see the place in November through February— this is when you can easily spot some incredible wildlife & this is when the weather is comparatively warm. If you are more interested in spotting the wildlife during your visit then you must know about the right about the animals’ activity— for instance, October is the right time if you want to see Magellanic penguins laying their eggs and it is December when they hatch those eggs. While most people keep the Falkland Islands as their cruise destination but you can now fly to the Falklands from Europe. The Falkland Islands are known for their abundant biodiversity and that is what attracts travelers from across the globe to see the glory of Antarctica. In addition to the huge variety of marine life, you also get to see here plenty of unique birds. This has to be one of the best experiences through your Antarctica vacation. It is amazing to travel around Port Stanley, which offers an opportunity to see a wide variety of fish. 


Location: Near Arctic Peninsula

Popular for: Volunteer Point, Wildlife, Monuments, Dockyard Museum, Cemeteries, Stanley, Penguins, and more.

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