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Antarctica is known particularly for being the coldest and driest continents. In an area covering more than 1.5 times that of the area of the United States - 90% of the ice that exists on the Earth is found here. In addition to this interesting fact, there’s much more to explore in this amazingly beautiful part of the Earth, often referred to as “the white continent”.

The Incredible History of Antarctica

It was only Antarctica that was the undiscovered parts of the world in the beginning of the 20th century. There was no one to tell us the story of the continent and someone who has set foot in this intriguing land. However, the first few decades of the century witnessed most of the discoveries in Antarctica. With this, many stories of courage, audacity, and heroism were also created. The southern pole of the Globe was then explored!

Here’s a brief story of how it all went:

The first effort to discover this chunk of the land was done by the ancient Greeks. They started this off with their knowledge about Arctic – named Arktos – The Bear. Let’s have a look at how it all happened:

1773: During the time period, James Cook explored to find rock deposits in this part of the Earth, which confirmed the existence of the continent. However, he did not find any land. 

1820: Next, it was Thaddeus Bellinghausen who explored and sighted the continent for the first time.  

1900 - 1916: This was the “ Heroic Age. It was Amundsen who in 14th December 1911 won  race to the south pole. 

1957-1958: The first International Geophysical Year IGY. Between this time period 12 nations formed around 60 research centers in Antarctica. 

1961: The Antarctic Treaty came into existence.  

On your Antarctica vacation you’ll definitely get to learn about more interesting historical facts & events. Many of the nations played a crucial role in the discovery of Antarctica. But, which was the first country to have discovered the continent still remains a question.


What Interesting Things You Can Do on your Antarctica Vacation?

There are some really wonderful things to do in Antarctica. Be it kayaking, watching out for giant whales or swimming around the active volcano, there’s no dearth of epic and incredible things to do on Antarctica vacation. 

This unique destination is one of incredible vacation destinations for any ardent traveler. For the ice all around, this is also referred to as “white continent”. Many generations have given opportunity to travelers to come closure to the beauty of nature. On top of that, sustainable tourism is improving everyday providing way better opportunities to explore it.

Here are some of the best things to do in Antarctica:


Discover the Amazing Wildlife


Want to meet some of the uniquely intriguing creatures on the Earth? This is really surprising to see such a huge array of some of the most beautiful and fragile creatures thriving so well in such harsh environmental conditions. From giant whales to majestic Emperor Penguin  and Humpback Whale, Antarctica has so much to offer. Explore the huge variety of wildlife in Antarctica. 

Watch out for Penguins

Penguins are curious rather than cautious when they see humans. Watching out for these curious penguins present in huge numbers of around 500,000 is a wonderful experience. This is among one of the best things to do on your Antarctica vacation. It’s simply impossible to find such a destination with this wonderful variety of polar wildlife world.

Kayaking Along the Icebergs

However, this may seem to have an extraordinary courage to go for kayaking in the beginning, but that is actually about having that kind of strength in your brain. Kayaking during your Antarctica vacation is one of the most exciting things that gets you with a chance to discover the hidden iceberg coves that cannot be reached through your ship. And, most importantly it gets you with this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the exceptionally beautiful view of the marine life of Antarctica. 

Discover your Adventure Self

In addition to Kayaking, an Antarctica vacation will have many other adventurous activities. During your cruise you can go for mountain climbing, overnight camping, snow-shoeing, skiing, and Stand Up Paddleboarding. There is in fact a list of adventurous activities on any Antarctica vacation package. The adventure has already given you a call! Respond and bring out the adventure in you. 


You won’t be the same that you used to be at the time you were planning it, after your Antarctica vacation. You are not an ardent birdwatcher? This vacation will definitely going to make you one. Not only Antarctica will show you with some of the most wonderful species of birds, it’s also very simple to do that (because of the scarce vegetation). This is a great opportunity for you to capture some wonderful pictures! 

Crossing along the Drake Passage

Drake Passage - “The roughest stretch of seas in the world”! On your way to Antarctica, you’ll pass through this incredible stretch of seas. From South America to Antarctica, the Drake Passage stretches for about 1000 km. This is also the meeting point of the three beautiful seas including Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern seas. You have this golden opportunity to experience the rollercoaster ride of your life on your vacation to Antarctica.

What is the Best Time to Plan Antarctica Vacations?

The best time to visit Antarctica solely depends on you and your priorities. In different seasons you can find different things - whether you like watching out for hughes icebergs, whales or penguins or you would like to enjoy the perfect weather have to be some of the most important consideration. The fauna habits and the landscape around the continent are different in every season and that is another important consideration. Here’s how you can decide the best time to visit Antarctica:



How it Looks and what all you can See?

December to January

  1. High Summer

  2. Penguins & Seabirds are active.

  3. Very busy during Christmas & New Year.

February to March

  1. Perfect time to see Whales.

  2. Perfect time to see Penguin Chicks.

April to September

  1. Winters in Antarctica.

  2. Stormy Season.

  3. Not recommended to plan a vacation.


  1. In the later part of October a few cruises begin operating.

  2. Chances of watching the beginning of mating and courting of the Falkland and South Georgia Islands. 


  1. Opportunity to see winter ice breaking further into amazing sculptures and icebergs.

  2. Wildflowers are in bloom.



Best Things to See & Experience?

January - February

Penguin Chicks, Access top Ross Seas

February - March



Antarctic Circle Crossing


Largest Icebergs, Breeding Elephant Seals

December - February

Warm Weather

At first, an Antarctica vacation may seem not so interesting to you, being just a large chunk of land covered with ice and snow that does not need much thought to be explored. But, when you’ll actually get through the voyage on expedition cruises departing from New Zealand or Argentina, you need to be sure where you are heading. Therefore, it’s very important to understand and contemplate about the popular destinations you will be visiting. Here’s a precise and useful information for you.

Antarctic Peninsula 

Antarctic Peninsula - the northernmost parts of the continent is one place in the continent that you would never like to miss. Home to a massive number of polar wildlife, and the wonders of snow & ice are something to discover in the Antarctic Peninsula. In addition to this, plenty of penguin rockeries, the wonderful towering glaciers, expansive skies, and the snaggy mountains - every bit of it is beautiful.

Best part of Antarctic Peninsula:

  • Often referred to as  the ‘Banana Belt’, the Antarctic Peninsula is warmest parts of Antarctica. 

  • It is the most well known breeding grounds for the penguins, seabirds, and seals. 

  • It gets travelers an opportunity to see some of the most stunning scenery on the continent and much more.


South Shetland Islands

South Shetland Islands is an important part of any Antarctica vacation package for its amazing wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Located at around distance of 160 km from the Antarctic Peninsula, this part of the continent has something incredible to look for. Every expedition cruise starting from Ushuaia will practically have this destination on their list. Covered almost completely with ice, it encapsulates a string of some incredibly beautiful Islands. There’s much more to this list. Let’s have a look:

Best part of South Shetland Islands:

  • The Islands are home to plenty of fjords and glaciers.

  • Coastline will get you a chance to explore a wide variety of elephant seals and penguins.

  • Throughout the year, around eight countries maintain their research stations. Most of these research centers are located on the King George Island.

  • There are more popular Islands including the historic Livingstone Island and Deception Island.


Drake Passage 

Drake Passage is believed to be the shortest and historical path to Antarctica. This very intriguing passage connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans located between Antarctic Peninsula tip and the southernmost point of Argentina. The stomach-churning journey has been named Sir Francis Drake, an English privateer. The rolling waves surround all through getting you with an opportunity for wonderful scenes. 

Best Part of Drake Passage:

  • It is the most exciting sea crossing throughout the world. 

  • It’s the roughest sea passage in the world.

  • Crossing through the Drake Passage is an incredible experience that every traveler wants to enjoy. 

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands is a British overseas territory which is very scantily populated. Located in the south-west Atlantic Ocean, it also witnessed a sovereignty war in 1982 over the territory. The territory is made up of two main parts including West Falkland and East Falkland and also many other islets and smaller islands. It’s incredibly treeless and wind acquires the entire territory.

The best thing about Falkland Islands:

  • The unique rural scenery and the perfect wildlife that’s hard to find anywhere else makes the Falkland Islands more sought after place by the travelers.

  • There are around 800 small Islands. And, there are huge colonies reverberating the story of king, Magellanic, rockhopper, and gentoo penguins. 

  • In addition to this, there are many amazingly impressive nesting areas of albatross.

  • You get an incredibly great bird watching experience too. 

Antarctica Vacation Packages 2019-2020

6-8 Days Antarctica Vacation Package - South Shetland 

Destinations: Punta Arenas, Chile, to King George Island in the South Shetlands

Minimum Price: $3675

Maximum Price: $3999

Vacation Duration: 6-8 Days

Activities on the Trip: Sail through the icy fjords, dramatic landscapes, explore the rich wildlife, watching out for Penguins, sea birds, seals and whales. 

Hotel Type: 3 to 4 stars

Payment mode: Card/Debit, Cash 

Note: This 6-8 days Antarctica vacation gives you an approximate estimation of the budget you need to have including the things you can do. By providing you with this information our aim is just to make you aware of the experiences you are going to have with this kind of budget. The information may or may not vary as per your requirements and preferences. However, you have all the freedom to get this vacation customized the way you would like to.


11 Days Antarctica Vacation Package -  Ushuaia in Argentina cruise ship 

Destinations: Ushuaia in Argentina, Drake Passage, the South Shetland Islands

Minimum Price: $1278

Maximum Price: $11245

Vacation Duration: 11 Days

Activities on the Trip: Cruising south of the Antarctic Circle, Enjoy the natural beauty, dive into the wildlife, savor the magical landscape, Drake Passage, watch out for giant elephants, whales, penguins, seals, fur, and leopard, explore a penguin colony, and more.

Hotel Type: 3 to 4 stars

Payment mode: Card/Debit, Cash 

Note: This 11 days Antarctica vacation will give you an idea of how the trip is going to look. The above information is just an approx estimation of 11 days Antarctica vacation. This data may or may not vary (this will depend absolutely on your requirements & preferences). However, we promise to help you with customizing this trip for you. 


8 Days Antarctica Vacation Package - Antarctica Express Cruise

Destinations: Punta Arenas, the southern tip of Chile, Drake Passage, King George Island

Minimum Price: $1224

Maximum Price: $11243 

Vacation Duration: 8 Days

Activities on the Trip: beauty and wildlife of the area in Punta Cana, historic former penal colony, spectacular landscapes of Drake Passage, King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula, the South Shetland Islands, whales and penguins.

Hotel Type: 3 to 4 stars

Payment mode: Card/Debit, Cash 

Note: This information we are providing just for giving you an overview of how such Antarctica Express Cruise is going  to look like. With this, we would like to mention that this trip may or may not vary as per your preferences and requirements. However, we promise to get this vacation customized for you. 


12 Days Antarctica Vacation Package - Cruise from South America to Antarctica

Destinations:  Ushuaia (capital of the Tierra del Fuego, Argentina), the Drake Passage

Minimum Price: $9213

Maximum Price: $9879

Vacation Duration: 12 Days

Activities on the Trip: Glaciers, icefields, Icebergs, research station, local wildlife, watch out for whales, and penguins.

Hotel Type: 3 to 4 stars

Payment mode: Card/Debit, Cash

Note: With this information, we want to give you an overall idea of how your trip is going to look like. Our sole aim is to give you an idea of budget, duration, and everything else on the trip. This information may or may not be completely true. However the travel agents help with customizing that for you.


16 Days Antarctica Vacation Package - Penguin Safari 

Destinations: Antarctic Peninsula & South Georgia

Minimum Price: $1499

Maximum Price: $1589

Vacation Duration: 16 Days

Activities on the Trip: Explore South Georgia, Take a lot of pictures of giant albatross and pintado petrel, enjoy being in Ushuaia which is the southernmost part of the world, discover the spectacular wildlife of Antarctica (unique birds, whales, penguins & more).

Hotel Type: 3 to 4 stars

Payment mode: Card/Debit, Cash 

Note: Having provided this information, we would like to mention here that this information may not always be completely true. With this, our aim is just to give a general idea on how this trip is going to look like. However, we promise to help you with customizing the vacation the way you would like.


10 Days Antarctica Vacation Package - Quintessential Antarctica Cruise 

Destinations: the Antarctic Peninsula & the South Shetland Islands

Minimum Price: $4999

Maximum Price: $5225

Vacation Duration: 10 Days

Activities on the Trip: Spectacular Icebergs, Snow-kissed Mountains, King George Island, Scientific Beaches, colony of Gentoo Penguins, and more.

Hotel Type: 3 to 4 stars

Payment mode: Card/Debit, Cash 

Note: We are providing this compiled information just to give you a general idea - what is going to be the budget, activities, and everything else. This data may or may not vary as per your requirements & preferences. However, Antarctica travel agents will help with customizing this vacation for you.


5 Days Antarctica Vacation Package - Antarctica Air-Cruise

Destinations: Antarctica, Chile & Argentina

Minimum Price: $5125

Maximum Price: $5569

Vacation Duration: 5 Days 

Activities on the Trip: Explore Ushuaia, Cape Horn, Discover King George Island, explore the albatrosses and petrels, penguin colony, and Punta Arenas, Chile.

Hotel Type: 3 to 4 stars

Payment mode: Card/Debit, Cash 

Note: We have compiled this information just to give you an idea how such a vacation to Antarctica in general look like. This data may or may not vary as per your choices and preferences. However, we can assure you to get this customized for you the way you would like it to be.


13 Days Antarctica Vacation Package - Land of Penguins

Destinations: Argentina & Antarctica

Minimum Price: $6446

Maximum Price: $6701

Vacation Duration: 13 Days

Activities on the Trip: See incredible varieties of penguins (adelie, gentoo, and chinstrap), wildlife, Cruising, whale watching, Sea Kayaking, British base of Port Lockroy (Goudier Island), 

Hotel Type: 3 to 4 stars

Payment mode: Card/Debit, Cash 

Note: Our aim by providing this compiled information is to give you a basic idea of how Antarctica vacation packages like this will look like. This data will provide you with an idea on what could be the estimated budget and everything else. However, Antarctica travel agents definitely will get that customized the way you want. 


11 Days Antarctica Vacation Package - Antarctica Peninsula & Argentina 

Destinations: The Antarctic Peninsula, Tierra del Fuego, and Ushuaia

Minimum Price: $7120

Maximum Price: $7890

Vacation Duration: 11 Days

Activities on the Trip: Cruising, Adventurous, Scuba Diving, wildlife discovery, whale watching, camping, sea Kayaking, see the colony of Gentoo Penguins, Zodiac excursion, Crabeater Seals on Danco Island, and more.

Hotel Type: 3 to 4 stars

Payment mode: Card/Debit, Cash 

Note: The aim of compiling this information is just to give you a general idea of how such Antarctica vacation packages are going to look like. This data may or may not vary as per the requirement. However, you will be given all the support in getting the vacation package customized the way you would like to. 


11 Days Antarctica Vacation Package - Emperor Penguin 

Destinations: Weddell Sea, The South Shetland Islands, Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, the South Shetland Islands.

Minimum Price: $1078

Maximum Price: $1234

Vacation Duration: 11 Days

Activities on the Trip: Adventure, wildlife watching, cruising, and more.

Hotel Type: 3 to 4 stars

Payment mode: Card/Debit, Cash 

Note: We have designed this Antarctica vacation package just to get you a general idea of duration, activities on the trip, and what is going to be the overall budget. However, Antarctica travel agents will help with customizing the trip. 



Leisure provides the ease of planning a vacation in any part of the world. This US-based online website connects ardent travelers with best Travel agents who help with designing and customizing an amazing vacation for you. With the use of modern tools, technologies, and with dedicated bunch of people, Leisure is committed to providing the best service to every client. We have formulated our policies based on the reviews and requirements of travelers. At Leisure, we make sure that the travel agents could develop a healthy relationship with their clients in addition to the perks of great food, accommodation, and other things. You will get the following perks of connecting to Leisure for Antarctica Vacation Packages. 

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  • In addition to this, with most Antarctica vacation packages, there are Luggage porterage, wonderful food, vibrant bars, restaurants and more.

However, we would like to mention here that all the Antarctica vacation packages and itineraries provided are just to give you an idea. There can be changes in the package depending on the weather, wildlife, and local ice conditions. 


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