Food you must try on Antarctica vacation

Antarctica is a land where the only fit survives. Your travel expedition stays incomplete without tasting the staple diet on your vacation. Once you book your Antarctica vacation packages and sail through the tough riffs and cliffs to reach the destination you must taste the cuisine too. No vacation is completed without experiencing the authentic food of your destination. It takes days for food to reach the land and until then you have to survive on the edibles present there. If you are lucky your excursion will have an ample amount of delicacies. But, if you are traveling to experience the actual lifestyle of people living there and your food will be exported late than you must try the following items.

Your food choices can be in following chronological order:

  • Chocolate is always there for your rescue

  • Hoosh is flavorless and can be tried before trying other things

  • Bannock for giving yourself a dose of buttery treat

  • Pemmican is a must-have on your Antarctica expedition

  • Boiled vegetables would taste good

  • Fruits to keep your taste buds healthy

  • Sledging biscuit is a recipe you will love to take home 

  • Freshly baked bread will taste different and good

  • By the time canned food will reach, you would have tasted every delicacy available in Antarctica

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Bless your tastebuds with the following staple food supplies on your Antarctica vacation packages.

Chocolate love

The bitter chilly weather of Antarctica can lower your energy and you need something that tastes good even when it is freezing. You can carry an ample amount of chocolates in your pockets and bags when you go for any activity or on your way to explore the land. Chocolates are a high source of energy and calories, hence, they give you a good taste and also, keeps you active. Its a staple essential when you wander around on this land. 

Hoosh- An authentic Antarctica dish

An ancient recipe made from meat, snow/water and biscuits is a life savior that is easy to make and digest. On your vacation start with something healthy. The taste may not tingle your taste buds but this thick stew will surely keep you full and give you an idea of how everyone at the base survives. In the early 20th century during Antarctica expeditions, it was a staple food. Many travelers and explorers who stayed for months took this recipe home with them. 


Butter is the key ingredient of this recipe and your Antarctica vacation packages are incomplete without having a taste of it. A flavourful delicacy baked with lots of butter. The harsh weather conditions make it difficult to survive without any fat. One needs to have savories that are high on calories and fat to survive the chilly weather of Antarctica. It was originated from Ireland, Scotland and Northern England, later on, many explorers took it to different parts of the world. It is usually served into slices and is round.

Pemmican- recipe of an explorer

Many explorers have walked on the land and bought different recipes with them. Necessity is the mother of inventions and this is how Antarctica got this dish. Its taste may not be that great but it will give you a delicacy you can always carry with you. Many researchers tend to make bars of it on their stride away from the base. It is meat mixed with lots of fat to make it efficient enough to keep you warm and full.

Boiled Vegetables

After tasting Antarctica's authentic dishes and living isolated from different delicious tastes you must try boiled carrots and stew of boiled vegetables. You will find them so tasty that you will relish this taste for many days. Vegetation is really hard and nearly impossible due to the geographical conditions in Antarctica. The shipment of fruits, vegetables, and canned food takes days to reach land and when it does the people at base cherish the food and stock them for the days when there is no staple food available. 


Fruits here are like finding water in the desert. It is advisable to carry some fruits from home, if you are a fruit lover then you might feel deprived of it. There are no fresh fruits available at the land but your cruise might have few.

Sledging biscuit

A recipe that the world took from Antarctica and later on changed it according to their taste. This was a staple food that explorers and travelers carried with them on different activities like man-hauling or dogsledding. They are very easy to make and carry. 

Freshly baked bread

Bread can be eaten anywhere and anytime. You can try different experiments by adding various ingredients to this bread and give your taste buds a delicious retreat. If you are at any base station you might get to taste their version of bread. The amount of butter they add is more than what you add to the normal bread.

Canned Food

In the article "10 tips for hassle-free Antarctica vacation" it is advised to carry some canned and packaged food items as there are very limited food choices in Antarctica. Carry your food items in advance or some butter and cheese to survive deliciously in the snow land. Also, carry some chocolates and dry food items that are handy and easy to munch on. With negative temperatures, the liquid food items will freeze and you will be left with no food choices. 

The food items may be limited but this allows you to enjoy the delicacies to full. There are travelers who extend their stays for months. A mesmerizing experience awaits you in Antarctica. The Antarctica vacation packages are lucrative and give you an experience of life. The picturesque location and the amazing wildlife there will surely leave you spellbound and the dishes will give you many recipes to take away. Leave your digital life behind and experience a world that is totally different. Fresh air, bone-chilling weather, and bizarre yet delicious food.

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