Top 5 Destinations Americans are Planning to Travel in 2021

It’s been over a year since the world has been fighting coronavirus. Americans have already started planning their vacations & looking for the best leisure travel deals. The vaccination drive across the globe is happening at a rapid pace, and there are positive signs we can spot in different parts of the world. With more and more people getting vaccinated every day, traveling is the first thing Americans are thinking about. Many have already started searching for TripAdvisor support. According to a report by Global Rescue survey, the best destinations that travelers are considering when tourism reopens are South Africa, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. Over 53% of the participants say they want to travel abroad by the end of the year. 


After having been confined to our homes, we have suddenly become aware of all the little joys of traveling. Even the ones who weren’t too keen on traveling are looking forward to it. The pandemic has brought an array of transformations in how we are handling our professional and personal lives. Millions of Americans have turned to remote work, and this has made them realize & reconsider their priorities for a happier life. 


As per research by Pew Research Center, one out of every five American adults have either changed their residence or know someone living at a different place than before the pandemic. They were probably exhausted residing in one place— especially since they were not traveling.


Trip Advisor Support: Top 5 Destinations Americans are Planning to Visit Post-pandemic


Slowly but steadily, traveling is opening in different parts of the world— and most Americans have already created their bucket list with new destinations. But there are a few who are still making their list of destinations to visit after the world returns to normalcy. 


We thought of helping this group of people amid their struggles. We’ve created this exclusive list of top destinations that Americans would love to visit. Let’s see if we could be your TripAdvisor support. Believe us; we’ve done vigorous research over the months to bring this to you. Let’s read:


1. Iceland



Iceland is one of the most preferred travel destinations for Americans and for obvious reasons. The people in America have been searching for Iceland vacation vigorously, considering it one of the top travel destinations post-pandemic. According to the latest report, Americans have searched for Iceland vacation as many as 189,100 times— that’s a lot. There are several reasons they are all looking forward to Iceland vacation. 


With spectacular views, amicable locals, and vivid tourist attractions, Iceland is the perfect destination for solo travelers, family vacations, adventurers, and seasoned travelers. At, we offer you all kinds of Tripadvisor support— for the latest updates, we recommend you visit our site regularly. 


COVID Guidelines You Must Know about before Booking Iceland Vacations: For vaccinated travelers, Iceland is indeed one of the top destinations — if you have access to your TripAdvisor support, they will get you a plan ready. From July 1, Iceland will stop testing those travelers who can provide a certificate of vaccination, and children will no longer be screened. Since June 26, almost all domestic restrictions related to COVID-19 have been lifted. Iceland is the first European country that has returned to the pre-pandemic lifestyle— and that’s good enough reason for Americans to be planning their Iceland vacation.


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2. Algeria



With some spectacular scenery, the whitewashed buildings, the harmonious cacophony of the bustling cities & the busy streets— the country never disappoints the travelers. There’s going to be a massive rush of visitors to Algeria after the world returns to pre-pandemic life. In fact, it has already started; Algeria is another top searched travel destination among Americans for their next vacation. 


The vast African destination offers much more than you expect, and any TripAdvisor support would recommend— you have to be there to experience it. Algeria is packed with Roman ruins, and that’s quite intriguing for the history buffs. And, Leisure’s TripAdvisor support has a particular recommendation for Americans traveling to Algeria— when in the African nation, you must visit Timgad, which showcases the historic Roman town. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.


COVID Guidelines You Must Know about before Booking Algeria Vacations: According to the latest CDC guidelines, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated to plan a vacation in Algeria. If you are fully vaccinated with an FDA or WHO-authorized vaccine, you do not have to be tested before leaving the U.S., if your destination allows you. If you are vaccinated, you are not required to keep yourself in quarantine after reaching Algeria. However, wearing masks (in buses, trains, planes) and social distancing are still mandatory. 


3. Costa Rica



Well, it’s not surprising that Costa Rica is another destination where Americans are so keen to plan a vacation. And, we believe you’re also looking for the best travel deals to Costa Rica? With fantastic weather, gorgeous beaches, and lovely people— cheap Costa Rica vacation packages have been highly sought-after by Americans for years. From the strikingly beautiful forests to the tropical beaches, wildlife reserves, and the diverse terrain — there’s something for everyone in Costa Rica. Bordering Panama and Nicaragua— it has the densest flora & fauna in the world. And, there are a multitude of valleys, beaches, forests, mountains, rivers & lakes— so you know why we call it a piece of paradise for nature lovers. 


COVID Guidelines You Must Know about before Booking Costa Rica Vacations: Since August 1, 2020, Costa Rica’s international airports have been operational and have opened to tourists from a list of countries. All the travel-related bans have been lifted for international travelers. Americans can get to Costa Rica through all available transportation means, including sea, air & land. The land borders reopened recently, on April 5, 2021. Before planning your leisure travel deals, you must buy travel insurance (which is also an entry requirement for your visit to Costa Rica). You are no longer required to produce a COVID-19 test before entering Costa Rica. For more information, keep an eye on Leisure’s recommendations & Tripadvisor support.


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4. Ireland



Ireland is one place, which always feels like home! Every part of the country has its own dialect, culture & character that keeps you hooked to the essence of the country. While traveling from one part of Ireland to the other, you’ll get a more profound experience & an appreciation for the natural beauty. If you are looking for TripAdvisor support, do visit our Ireland travel guide. The Emerald Isle offers you an experience of a lifetime — be it the warmth of its people, the rich history, or the cultural diversity, everything will mesmerize you during your vacation. As it is the home of William Butler Yeats (the great poet & writer) and James Joyce (the great novelist) — it’s not too tough to understand why travelers come to Ireland for inspiration. Many Americans are also planning leisure travel deals in Ireland after the pandemic & to find inspiration. 



COVID Guidelines You Must Know about before Booking Ireland Vacations: If you are traveling to Ireland, you have to make sure you are fully vaccinated. If you have got the jab, you will not be required to get tested but will still have to follow the COVID-19 guidelines. If you are not vaccinated, you will need to get the test done within 1-3 days of your trip. You will have to wear masks over the mouth & nose — when you are in trains, buses, or planes. However, travelers can skip wearing masks on the top deck of a bus or on the ferry, or any other outdoor area. You are advised to maintain social distancing and use sanitizer with at least a total content of 60%. 



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5. Greece



From the breathtaking islands to its delicious food & its long history— there’s so much that makes Greece one of the most incredible destinations to travel. In addition, Greece is believed to have introduced the concept of democracy to the world. With the beauty, peace, and knowledge that this European heaven offers, it makes Greece one of the most loved post-COVID travel destinations for Americans. Ask any Tripadvisor support, and they will tell you how fast leisure travel deals are filling up for Greece. If you are also planning to travel to Greece in the upcoming months, don’t forget to check our Greece Leisure Tour Guide. We’ve some exciting itineraries along with recommendations on the best places to travel in Greece. 


COVID Guidelines You Must Know about before Booking Greece Vacations: The government of Greece has released a notice on May 14, 2021— that it will allow only the EU, Schengen citizens, & people who are permanent residents of the U.S. However, the travel restrictions within the country have been lifted as of May. But if you are traveling to Greece, you have to be fully vaccinated and follow all the COVID-19 protocols. And, before entering the country, you’ll have to fill the Passenger Locator Form (should be done a day before arrival or less). You’ll also be required to submit a negative COVID-19 test result that should be taken less than 72 hours before arrival. For planning your trip and getting all the TripAdvisor support, you can visit our Greece travel guide. 



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