Dos And Don'ts To Follow For A Holiday Travel

Breaking the beats of daily life and venturing out on holiday travel is fun that has no parallels. However, shedding away your routine and trying to adapt to the needs of a journey could be a little cumbersome. Planning your itineraries and packing your things is an insurmountable task for people who had been basking in the confines of home. Stretching out of the comfort zone to enjoy your holidays in a distant land could involve a little courage and a lot of planning. There are lots of protocols that you may have to follow to smoothen the flow of your journey.


There are some rules you might want to keep in mind before embarking on a holiday journey. Adhering to these guidelines could make your trip devoid of some travel apprehensions by increasing your comforts to a larger extent. Your Holiday travel would end up being a smooth-sailing journey that would linger in your memories for a longer time.


Let us get into some of these Dos and Don’ts of Holiday travel.




Be wary of surroundings:


This is one of the significant points to be considered while on holiday travel. Failure of this rule could lead to lethal issues that cannot be mended. Be wary of your surroundings and keep yourself alert enough to deduct a predator or any suspicious person. Keep a close watch on everybody you come across right from ticket collectors to local vendors. Sometimes, even vehicles that cross your path could have some predators. Friends you make on the trip should be carefully monitored and speculated as they may have ulterior motives.


Plan your travel on weekdays:


This could be a digression from the previous rule, but this proves to be very effective for a smooth holiday trip. It could lend you spacious airports and crowd-less tourist attractions giving you some breathing space for a comfortable vacation.


Lock up your valuables:


This could count as a safety tip for your holiday travel plan. Lock up all the valuables and money in the suitcase which has a sealing facility. Even after landing in your accommodations, make sure your wallets and valuables are locked in the safe that is provided in your stay rooms. This could save you from unprecedented theft or threat in a new place.


Keep your passports and tickets handy and safe:


This is an important point to be adhered to without fail while on holiday travel to avoid any unnecessary last-minute huddles. Failure of this could be more time-consuming as you keep constantly rummaging your luggage to find them when you need them.


Keep track of the phone numbers of your friends and acquaintances:


This could help you, in the case of emergencies, like the sudden loss of any valuables or mobile phones. It could also help if you have some cop’s or embassy official’s phone numbers in case there is any sudden disappearance of passport or money.


Travel insurance:


Do secure travel insurance to save you from any unprecedented expense of a lot of money. As airlines and trip charges come at higher prices, any smaller disruption in the plan or the journey could suck your pockets empty.




Delay your reservations:


This could take away all the fun of holiday travel. If you would slack a bit or lapse your time in booking your essential tickets, and stays, you might end up compromising a lot of comforts that you rightfully deserve throughout your journey.


A large amount of money, or valuables:


Having a large sum could render threats and distract you from a peaceful vacation.


Visit dangerous and highly-dark locations alone:


This is also a strict “No” for holiday travel as you are more vulnerable in a new land than in your homeland. Any unpredicted danger could hit you hard in a new place if you travel to strange and dangerous spots without any proper awareness or escorts.


Carry heavy luggage:


This could completely defeat the purpose of holiday travel rendering you with the burden of the heavy-lugging the entire journey. It would make your journey too cumbersome and inefficient completely.


Panic when things go out of plans:


Some kind of trouble or minor crisis is inevitable when you step out of your home. All you need is courage and calmness to handle a situation or unfortunate circumstances. You might miss a flight or encounter a theft, but a resolve to overcome the crisis and move forward with actions could do wonders to score a healthy vacation.


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