Everything You Need to Know to Plan Vacation in 2021 & Beyond

Anticipating your next vacation? Looking for leisure travel packages? We understand, the pandemic still continues to affect our lives. And even if you are making a plan, you have to keep it flexible— in the current situation, you can’t exactly predict what is going to come next in your way. Savannah, my friend, and I planned a European vacation last month— everything from leisure travel packages to accommodation, to the activities we were going to do, were all planned— but it could not work out and we had to postpone it due to COVID-19. Even if something like that happens, you have to remain sane, you should seek TripAdvisor support when thinking about a vacation. 


For travelers, even the thought of vacation plans can be really exhilarating, for some people looking out for leisure vacation packages, checking out different options, talking about their upcoming trips with their Tripadvisor support specialists can lift their spirits. According to a study conducted by Washington State University people who rarely traveled are 7% less happy than those who traveled several times in a year. In another study, 71% of travelers who have planned their vacations for the next six months felt an enhanced sense of energy. According to the US travel survey, 97% of people in a survey said it makes them happier when they are planning vacations. 


So, even if you are not able to go on a vacation because of the pandemic, keep planning one, it might keep the spirit high and boost your spirits amidst the pandemic stress. The COVID-19 vaccination drives across the globe have already started, and some wannabe travelers have already started ticking off their bucket list vacations. But wait, don’t forget to go through these WHO official COVID-19 advisory before even starting your next vacation. Meanwhile, we have listed some of the important things you must know if you wish to travel in 2021 & beyond. Read to know. Let’s begin:


1. Find a Tripadvisor Support Expert



According to Forbes, the four women Melissa Biggs Bradley, Julie Danziger, Kimberly Wilson Wetty, and Tania Swasbrook — run the most influential travel agencies— and these companies can help you plan your vacations if you wish to travel beyond the U.S. borders. So even if you are not going on a vacation anytime soon, you should keep in touch with your TripAdvisor support expert to keep yourself in that spirit and to make sure the pandemic does not take over your zeal. Even if you are an avid traveler, you need that kick through so when it opens up you will start it all over again as an absolute pro. And, if you are planning to travel your will Tripadvisor Support experts will help you choose the right place at the right time and travel safely. 


2. Don’t Forget about the Destination-specific COVID policies & travel Advisories



While if you have a Tripadvisor support expert helping you through planning and executing your vacation, they will guide you on your destination-specific travel advisories, you should not just leave everything onto them. Make sure you have read through each and every point thoroughly before making it happen. The CDS makes available the travel advisory in the public domain. It provides the risk of traveling rating countryside between level zero to level three and currently advising to stay away from any kind of non-essential travel. But if you are planning one, you must also check the destination’s restrictions, a few states in the US will require you to produce the proof of negative COVID test and quarantine. 


3. Timing is Crucial 



If you are planning to travel in 2021 and beyond, consideration of timing (of booking your leisure vacation packages) is an essential aspect of all the plannings. You should not book your leisure vacation packages too soon or too late. If you are planning to book it too soon, it might be that you have to cancel it due to COVID restrictions or maybe something unexpected popping up. And, if you are waiting for too long, the prices might rise unexpectedly high because of the crazy rush of traveling. Let your Tripadvisor support expert choose the right time for booking your vacation. People who went to their favorite destinations have been saying that they had to pay much more because they booked the vacation late. And, a lot of them also had to cancel their vacation because they booked too early. Time will play a crucial role in how you are planning your vacation.


4. Don’t forget to Take Advantage of the Flexible Booking Policies



After the outbreak of the pandemic, airlines, hotels & reputed tour companies have made it easy for travelers to cancel their bookings within weeks and even within days of their departure date. If you have hired Tripadvisor Support, they will guide you. Some of them are allowing you to cancel within 90 days with a full refund— you should not forget to take advantage of these flexible policies. And, there are a few leisure travel planning agencies that floated around a unique offer— like Dateless 1st Departures vouchers where travelers can book a trip without a departure date. So, when the country reopens for travelers, those who have bought the voucher will get a spot on the company’s first tour. Book Exciting vacation Packages!


5. Choose a Wellness Vacation



A survey revealed that after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, many adults started reporting undesired weight gain, and the development of various other unhealthy habits. It was also due to the prolonged level of stress due to the pandemic that has made them turn to many unhealthy habits. Liquor sales have skyrocketed like never before and you can make out from the social media feeds of people, almost every person in the world is baking and cooking heavy, many even unhealthy dishes very frequently. So when we start managing to get relief from the pandemic, we should plan a more wellness vacation to compensate for all the sin that you have done to your health. Seek out destinations where you can relax, rejuvenate & give your body a break from all the stress of the universe. Hire Tripadvisor support to get guidance on planning a wellness vacation in the right direction.


Read More on Healthy Habits to Feel Good: https://cured.com/


6. Wear Your Mask & Maintain Social Distance



So even when it feels like we have managed to ward off the coronavirus, we should not forget to wear our masks and maintain social distance. It’s like the new normal for all of us— and when you are planning to travel, you cannot forget this rule. We need to wear masks on our flights, airports, while doing activities, and making our way through different destinations around the world. You should keep washing your hands and should not touch your face— these rules are essential to be followed for at least the upcoming few years.  And that’s not anything so big to adhere to— masks are gradually becoming fancy! There are a lot of choices— you can install the items.com browser extension to get exciting coupons that the site applies automatically. Now there are cheaper and fancier options you can about looking for.


7. Choose Private Tour Groups



The popularity of booking private tour groups has been increasing since people are slowly making it to their travel plans. With almost a year confined in your cocoons, traveling became like a dream and your family & friends might be keen to go out and experience the open-air & see the world. And, that makes out that it is pretty smart to book private group tours for your 2021 vacation plans and beyond. You can seek help from your Tripadvisor support who will guide how to make it happen. This could be an incredible tour experience you are not going to forget all your life. Booking a private tour group means you can create your own travel bubble keeping tabs on every aspect of the trip and you do not have to make compromises on the travel experiences. And, the best thing about private tour groups is that — you can customize and make changes like add or remove stops as per your choice. 


8. Plan more Road Trips



COVID-19 has brought about havoc in every American’s life and the last year has confined some avid travelers in the cocoons of their homes. This also led many to plan road trips with friends and family that allowed them to travel in their public bubbles without any need to come in contact with the outside world. These road trips can be either planned through Tripadvisor support or on your own. Many Americans found road tripping a safe & easy escape. So we are in the first half of 2021 and coronavirus vaccination has already been rolled out, the travel trend is going to continue for quite some time as we are still struggling with the fear of the virus. Road trips are way safer options of vacationing during the times we are living.


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9. Many Travels are considering Workstation



With the pandemic having brought the idea of work from home to fore for a few organizations, the workstation is popularizing— so it’s like you are at work & on vacation. The stereotypical nine-to-five job is on hiatus for an indefinite period of time for some organizations. And some smart employees are taking advantage of this scenario and are redefining how to use up their annual leave in 2021. Some globetrotters are hiring TripAdvisor support to guide them a cheap way of workation and others are just about roaming around with their laptops in their travel bags on their own. are just Leisure.com is predicting, a workstation is changing the way people are traveling and this is going to continue in the coming years. Many people are booing vacations to work from a different location and they are ready to quarantine themselves if needed. 


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