Do You Know About These Senior Travel Groups?

Author: Sonali Pathak

There are plenty of great places where you can grow old with grace without any regrets & feeling of being dejected. While we cannot control the process of birth & death — we’re powerful enough to get control over how we’ve lived. Senior Travel groups & meetups have become buzzwords, seniors are keeping tabs on their mental & physical health by joining these groups. Traveling is a great mental exercise, it stimulates your brain cells & keeps you healthy so you can grow old proudly. 


People over the age of 50, today, can get to know their creative selves by joining these groups and meeting like-minded people. This makes it even easier for senior travelers to satiate their wanderlust. And, seniors truly have a great opportunity to connect with people they share in common. They can connect with people they share hobbies & activities with. In this article, experts have rounded up some of the best senior travel groups & meetups, you can also join. 


“Traveling is the best exercise for your brain & your body, irrespective of age.”


Seniors have more freedom to travel & explore for they have got time and budget. So until someone is still stressed sitting at home wondering how to spend time, you can read about these senior travel groups and plan your next trip with them. Let’s begin:



1. Singles Travel International



However Singles Travel International offers the best-all inclusive cruises and trips for people of all ages, they also organize trips for single senior travel for people over the age of 50. It helps travelers sail through the remote islands on the world’s largest sailboat & test some fine wine in Napa. Senior travelers can see the beauty of Moscow at night & enjoy cooking lessons in Moscow— so Singles Travel International helps single travelers of all ages see the world through a different eye. On a weekend getaway to Italy, a senior traveler has the option to choose either a high-cost private room or he may choose to get a cheap room sharing option. For travelers who use CPAP machines will have to pay more for private accommodation if the group does not have any other traveler with a similar condition. Before booking any leisure vacation packages, senior travelers must review the kind of medical assistance available. 


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2. Women Traveling Together



With its birth in 1997, Women Traveling Together has been serving women from across many states to get their travel dreams ticked off. The group allows single women including the senior traveler who want to go on trips that they have dreamed of for a long time. Single senior travelers can become a part of the WTT community to make friends, meet new people from different cultures. It’s where women can connect to other women who also aspire to see the world & make travel friends. The environment here is perfectly amiable for women of all ages including senior travelers. The best thing is while you may enter the group with a feeling of loneliness but you’ll always end up weaving happily those torn up pieces of your soul. This group has shared accommodations and they are small which keeps the environment more friendly & personal. 


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3. Walking the World



Walking the World is a small team of globetrotters of all ages who are constantly looking for ways to help people experience the thrill, adventure & joy of discovery. They develop adventurer vacation packages for all kinds of travelers including senior travel trips. Each of their itineraries is packaged with adventure, culture immersion, food tours & much more. It’s a great opportunity for senior travelers who want to make new friends with whom they can share the low & high moments of life. Walking the World is an opportunity to awaken the primitive happiness that might have gone dormant for all that has happened in our life. Based out in Colorado, Walking the World offers adventure vacation packages incorporated with hiking & walking experiences, for senior travelers over 50 years.



4. ElderTreks



Founded in 1987, Eldertreks is the first adventure travel company ever to have given a platform to people over the age of 50 to discover the world they missed exploring for a plethora of reasons. The group offers exciting vacation packages for people over the age of 50 including— adventure travel both through sea & land— and that in more than 100 countries. With ElderTreks, senior travelers can enjoy active hiking trips, expeditions by icebreakers to the Arctic and Antarctic & plenty of cultural exploration of different places including South America. The tours are rated from one (means easy) to five (means challenging) based on the type of activities. Travelers are the level one have to walk one mile and go hiking for around an hour or two & those at level five have to walk about five miles and go hiking for five hours & more. 


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5. Solos Holidays



Solos Holidays is a travel company that specializes in planning & organizing exciting vacations for ardent travelers. The travel group makes sure to provide a comfortable place for those who want to travel solo but in a friendly & amicable environment under the guidance of an experienced team leader. The Solo Holiday offers an opportunity to enjoy international trips for people falling under three different ages— senior travelers over 50, mid-aged travelers over 40, young travelers over 30. Besides, the company also offers an opportunity to travel with a group of like-minded travelers of all ages. This travel operator is based in the UK and that is why all the trips start from London and you have to pay in pounds. They have private accommodation facilities available for those senior travelers who want to enjoy a more intimate travel environment. 


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6. NSAA San Diego



NSAA San Diego is a senior travel group that helps seniors to connect with like-minded people of their age. This group serves an audience who is over 50. In addition to organizing short excursions for seniors, the group focuses on keeping the members physically & mentally active. It hosts monthly meetups for people over 50 and is particularly aimed at designing different performance-based fitness programs for seniors.  If you are over 50, and don’t want lethargy to take over you, just be a part of its informative meetups. 



7. San Diego Dive-Bar of the Month



This senior group organizes monthly meetups, which usually falls on the third Wednesday of every month from 6 pm to 9 pm. There are some amazingly talented people at it who have taken up the responsibility of organizing the group so beautifully that every member feels at home. San Diego has a couple of great old-school dive bars and if you want to meet some amazing like-minded people of your age, this could be the right thing for you. You can stop by and enjoy a couple of beers with some old friends, and San Diego Dive-Bar of the Month is safe for solo women senior travel. This relaxing dive-bar in San Diego keeps tabs on every new-comer making them feel at home. 


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8. Firebird Tours



Founded in 2007, based in Washington DC & New York City, the Firebird Tours is one of the most trusted companies for organizing world-class trips to different parts of Europe. They make it possible to travel better without spending a fortune. The company aims to enrich the life of every traveler with deep explorations and focuses on tour organization for senior travelers over the age of 50. With fine professional guides, world-popular hotels, and a preference for local train transportation over personal vehicles— the tour company allows you to see the world without any hassle. Some of the tour themes include opera, theatre, history, architecture, history, culture & northern lights. Besides senior travel tours, private & family tours are also available here for people of all ages. 


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9. Tauck World Discovery



Tauck World Discovery is a leisure travel operator that has everything you might look for as a traveler— from European River Cruising to Small Ship Cruising to Land Journeys, they have everything for travelers of all ages. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the life of medieval villages and the bustling cities or go on a cultural journey on a small cruising ship, they have the safest & most reliable services ever. Besides, the land tour guides would help you make life-long connections with places with their superb guided sightseeing tours & in-depth discovery of North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia & Africa. And, it is one of the safest tour groups for senior travelers who want to see the world after their retirement. The kind of intimate & authentic traveling experience they help with— is deep. Senior travelers get an opportunity to explore new destinations without worrying about their underlying medical conditions as they are also provided with medical assistance in case of any emergency. 


Age is Just a Number…It’s an opportunity to be in There as and when you Realize!!


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