The Top 7 Eco-Friendly Accommodations In The World

Author: Megha Agarwal on Oct 25,2021

An eco-friendly accommodation is developed or operated to lower the carbon footprint of the business operation and the carbon footprint of those who live and work there. These eco-friendly accommodations are developed to have a positive impact on the environment and the local community. This is a pretty wide definition. A hotel can become an eco-friendly accommodation by improving its green credentials. Guests are increasingly looking for eco-friendly accommodations when they tour for many reasons. Environmental awareness has increased in people as they have received more access to eco-solutions. Lifestyles around the globe have also changed.


More citizens than ever are getting eco-friendly practices into their daily lives. This includes saving water and energy, eating sustainably and sourcing the food locally, decreasing their usage of plastics, and committing to recycling. Environmental issues are getting momentum. Consumers are putting pressure on organizations to do the same. They must choose to utilize services or invest in firms that show that they are doing their part in taking care of the environment. They should support local communities and reduce waste. This applies to all aspects of consumption, including eco-friendly accommodation. A majority of travelers say that they value and search for an eco-friendly and sustainable option. People want to feel like they are making a positive impact on the planet, wherever they are and whatever they do. Now, let us take a look at the top 7 eco-friendly accommodations in the world.


1. Heckfield Place, England



This Georgina Manor estate is situated in the heart of Jane Austen country in Hampshire, England. It is situated on multiple hundreds of acres of sustainable farmland. The estate's farm follows bio-dynamic principles. Its lush orchards and gardens create the base of the great cuisine of the celebrated chef Skye Gyngell. The eco-friendly accommodation also supports chickens, sheep, pigs and relies on its biomass energy to power the resort's central heating and water. Anaerobic digester processes all the waste to give compost to enrich the garden soil. It gives pellets for the biomass energy center.


2. Capella Ubud, Bali


This eco-friendly accommodation is hidden in the lush rainforest of Ubud. This great camp sanctuary is surrounded by the Wos River and rice paddy fields. Not a single tree was cut during the development of the eco-friendly accommodation to preserve the original surroundings. The property also does not allow the usage of single-use plastic. It gives the surrounding local villages an educational tutorial that focuses on a sustainable way to eliminate plastic and waste management. The eco-friendly accommodation also has many sustainability-focused scholarship programs for the youths of the local village.


3. Petit St Vincent, St. Vincent & The Grenadines



This eco-aware and idyllic hotel is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels. It goes out of the way to show that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand. The eco-friendly accommodation utilizes a state-of-the-art reserve osmosis desalination plant to create drinking water from the ocean water. The eco-friendly accommodation also has its drinking water by utilizing reusable glass bottles. This prevents the requirement to import bottled water. Most of the produce given at the restaurant is harvested from the local organic garden. Presently, the property started a reef monitoring and coral restoration project with the help of the CLEAR Caribbean and Philip Stephenson Foundation.


4. Blue Waters Resort & Spa, Antigua


This eco-friendly accommodation aims to go completely plastic-free in the coming future. It is at the forefront of the eco-friendly movement among luxury hotels in the Caribbean. The property implemented plastic-decreasing initiatives by getting refillable water stations throughout the eco-friendly accommodation and buying complimentary BPA-free water bottles for all guests. Other sustainability measures include recycling and giving suitable food waste to farmers for animal feed and growing fresh produce on the site. The most recent eco-effort of the hotel is the launch of the proprietary bath amenity brand Neem Avenue. It will remove more than 50,000 single-use miniatures within a year.


5. Soneva Fushi, Maldives



This eco-friendly accommodation is a pioneer among resorts in the Maldives. The resort recycles most of its waste onsite at its Eco Centro recycling plant. It converts waste into new products. The food waste from the restaurants is composted to develop nutrient-rich soil for the gardens. A few years ago, the property was the only one in the entire Maldives to recycle plastic onsite. The site is also working with local authorities to open recycling facilities and introduce the resort's concept to recycle waste to some neighboring islands. This aids in supporting the local communities to decrease plastic consumption. The program also wants to educate local children about waste and care for the ocean and teach locals to surf and swim.


In 2017, the property was among the first in the Maldives to recycle plastic onsite. Soneva is also working with the local government to open recycling facilities and introduce the resort's "Waste-to-Wealth" concept to three neighboring islands, which would help support local communities to reduce plastic consumption. The program also aims to educate local kids about waste and respect for the ocean and teach locals to swim and surf.


6. Aquila Eco Lodges, Australia 


This eco-friendly accommodation is situated in the wonderful Grampians National Park. It shows environmentally responsible living at its best. Eco Tourism Australia has accredited Aquila. It is a great retreat for tourists and families of all ages. The resort deals with the waste onsite and generates its own power. Also, the place has a rainwater collection program. There is also a composting system to give back nutrients to the environment. Guests get low-wattage lighting and appliances. There are flushing compost toilet systems, natural oil finishes, and non-toxic paint. These are all developed to give an ozone-friendly experience. 


7. Salinda Resort, Vietnam



This eco-friendly accommodation is situated on Phu Quoc islands. It celebrates sustainability as one of its main values. A few years ago, the resort became the official partner of WWF-Vietnam to reduce plastic management on the island. The goal was to remove single-use plastic. To celebrate this partnership, the resort hosts a clean beach day every month where guests and staff join to remove waste from the surrounding neighborhoods and beaches. The resort also gives importance to sustainable design in all of its structures and surrounding landscape. There must be a focus on renewable and biodegradable building materials. The property also uses wood room keys instead of plastic ones, ceramic containers for shampoos, and LED lighting all over.




We are living on a planet of increasing climate crisis. So, eco-friendly accommodation has become a very vital growth area in the hospitality industry. These resorts focus on aligning themselves with the greater value people are putting on living a more sustainable and greener lifestyle. They are doing this with varying degrees of success and commitment. It is a time when the usual tourist hotspots such as Venice, Machu Picchu, and Barcelona are suffering from over-tourism and are looking at their growth strategies to look for slower seasons and fewer tourists. It makes sense for resorts to ask themselves if they can function more sustainably.


Several of the eco-friendliest accommodation and resorts, Such as Whitepod in Switzerland, are among the most tech-friendly and innovative globally. These resorts use LEED design, smart tech, and innovative engineering to meet big goals of sustainability. Whether you are on an island retreat, a city townhouse, or a rural resort, every place has a great chance to become more eco-friendly, behave sustainably, and decrease emissions.




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