Amazing Bhutan Tour

I am an avid traveler and always enjoy planning my trips myself. However, for my India and Nepal trip, I came to Leisure to help me in smoothing out the logistics. I’m really happy I did.

Unfortunately, I had to cut short my trip midway because of an injury (fractured ankle).

My travel planner was very helpful to me and provided me with everything. Moreover, he also tried to make last minute arrangements in order to suit my expectations. He made his best efforts and offered me the refunds in the most explicit manner so that the financial impact was less on me.

My guide in Kathmandu immediately took me to the hospital and also stayed with me all the time.

Next day, the driver carried me on his back to reach the top of the monkey temple. I was in pain because of my fracture but the kindness of my guide and the driver helped me a lot.

On reaching all my destinations in India, Kathmandu, and Agra, I was greeted by a member of the team, who brought me to the car where my driver was waiting.

The guides that were arranged for me in Delhi, Agra, Kathmandu, were all immensely professional, kind as well as knowledgeable.  Also, my driver was an amazing one and an even better person!

I highly recommend this company for all your trip planning. They are the best at their job!

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