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Travel Review: Exciting Antarctica Tour

We experienced a great variety of Chile's vast geography and ecology, from the beautiful central valleys to the northern desert, to the tropical Polynesian island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Incredible Tour To Antarctica

The crew on board Antarctic Expedition were second to none. So passionate about each of their fields, and the voyage itself. The Captain and Expedition Leader, Jonathan, went to great lengths to ensure we made it into (and out of!) particular locations and it never seemed like any task was too big or too small

A Unique Experience Of Polar Adventure

My friend and I enlisted this travel company to help us with our Antarctic Adventure .The company staff are very friendly and helpful! Their attention to detail and meeting your needs is their first priority. The trip was outstanding ; knowledgeable friendly staffs, assistance with trip insurance, suggested packing lists, tipping guides, and so much more. This is of no doubt one of the best Antarctica tour packages.

Antarctica Tour - A Lifetime Experience With Penguins And Wheals

No words that I can write nor a picture that can ever capture the magic, the feeling and the mood of Antarctica. You simply have to go there with this cruise ship for all that. It was beyond compare utterly beautiful in every way. In conclusion, I have to say that the staff were truly excellent and the food on the cruise ship was really excellent - imaginative, varied and well cooked. The wine selection was also great. Also no need to take wellies or boots, it all gets filthy and the kit on the

Travel Review: Luxury South America Tour, Chile, Argentina & Antarctica, Buenos Aires, Santiago..

I couldn't say much about my trip to Antarctica as it was this South American travel agency is worthy of all the praise. We went on a four-month trip to Chile and Argentina

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