The Top 10 Underrated Weekend Beach Getaways In USA

Weekend Beach Getaways In USA

We are picking up the ten best beach spots you can choose for a weekend getaway this year. These beaches are fully serviced by just a couple of hours on the road and an extremely short and direct flight, both on the west coast and the east. These local weekend beach getaways are fantastic news for all kinds of travelers looking to spend their spring vacation. 


So, from the sunny Florida Keys to the beautiful off-beat Outer Banks beach coasts, here are the best weekend beach getaways in the United States!


1. Florida Keys, Florida


 Florida Keys, Florida Beach


Now that we've mentioned the Florida Keys in the beginning let's start our list from this happening beach! From Miami to Key West, it's just a phenomenal three-and-a-half-hour drive! For sure, it is on everyone's bucket list. The travel along with this beautiful beach destination offers stunning views of the ocean as well as all the islands with plenty of other places you can shop at and get that tasty slice of everyone's favorite Key Lime Pie. 


This weekend's beach getaway is on our priority list of the ultimate beach road trips we will be taking this year. And guess what? All of this can be done in just a weekend if you are a resident of Miami or somewhere really close.


Once you are in Key West, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, visit the scenic points and explore the Nature Conservatory along with Key West Butterfly. After spending time, with your toes deep in Florida sand, end your trip with a sunset cruise, followed by a seafood dinner. 


2. Captiva Island, Florida


Another Florida beauty on our list, we can't get enough! Our beloved Captiva Island, located just north of Sanibel Island, is a cozy little quaint escape from our busy life. 


Captiva Island offers you calm, peaceful, crystal clear waters and pastel sunsets. Once you are here, you can really take in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. When you are here, you will realize why it made it to the top spots on our list. You will be taken away by the tropical atmosphere, which is soothing to your mind, body, and soul. You can head back to the mainland, which is a quick drive away from here. 


You should definitely try out The Bubble Room's famous bubble bread. The Bubble Room is the island's primary selling point from this cute and charming little kitschy restaurant. You are free to roam around the beach throughout the weekend or visit any smaller areas around by boat. 


3. Huntington Beach, California 


Huntington Beach, California


Also known as the Surf City of the United States, Huntington Beach is really a mecca for all surfers in our country. So, if you are an adventure seeker and looking to just surf around the entire weekend, this one's for you. 


At the beach, you will be welcomed by the Banzai Surf School, where you can easily take some lessons and rent equipment for the weekend, and enjoy as much as you can. 


However, if you are not really an adventurous soul, you can actually relax with some coconut water and catch your much-needed dose of Vitamin D. The beach stretches out for over 10 miles and has won multiple awards and accolades for its beautiful sandy shoreline. 


Beach volleyball is extremely popular here, so don't shy away from indulging in some action with others. You might get to make a friend or two for a lifetime. If you are bored of lounging around all day, take a bicycle, and roam around a bit. And also, do have a bite of one of the burger baskets spread out along the beach. 


4. Galveston, Texas


Almost an hour away from Houston or a 3-hour flight from Chicago, Galveston is a Gulf Coast destination that people always love to visit for a weekend getaway. The destination has everything, from attractions, food, accommodations, activities, waterparks, piers, museums, and everything you could ask for. 


Take this short trip from Houston, just a couple of hours away, and indulge in some bonding time with your family and friends. There are plenty of beaches you can choose from, like the Galveston Island State Park or the East Beach. Indulge in a heartwarming and serene tropical atmosphere, clear waters, delicious food, and sunset cruises with your family in Galveston this weekend! 


5. Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Virginia Beach, Virginia


Willing to take the best boy in your life along with you to the beach this weekend? Head to Virginia Beach! Virginia Beach is a completely pet-friendly beach, so you and your doggo can both enjoy it. The beach is ideal for families to indulge in their own adventures and make mesmerizing memories. 


With its flourishing dining scenes, maritime history, family-friendly activities, and arts and entertainment, Virginia Beach is a district that will give you what you ask for and some more! It is absolutely no surprise that Oceanfront, the 3-mile boardwalk, is an action-packed location to unwind. Either take a stroll down here or rent a bike and navigate through all the beauty. 


The adventure spirits in the family can kayak, hike as well as surf in Sandbridge Beach around the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Do indulge in some heartwarming, soulful seafood here when you visit. Oysters are a total delight here in Virginia Beach. 


6. Jersey Shore, New Jersey 


Stretched all the way from the bustling Atlantic City to the eccentric Cape May to the south, Jersey Shore has a special place in everyone's heart! There are plenty of beaches around in New Jersey, but this one gets the priority of them all. Why? 


It's one of the ultimate weekend beach getaways in the USA, offering you the calm, peace, and quiet you crave. All of this peace comes along with a huge dose of relaxation. And it is just a couple of hours' drive away from both Philadelphia and New York. This family-friendly beach getaway will offer you fun boardwalks and locations to spend time with your entire family, which is a sure respite from all the hustling we are doing daily. 


7. Grand Isle, Louisiana


Grand Isle, Louisiana


During the winter months, the population in Louisiana's Gulf Coast comes down to 1600 from an otherwise whooping population of 14,000. This is Grand Isle, Louisiana, for you! 


The temperature here is warm; you can sunbathe, you will not be crowded; we adore this cute little island. You will also be welcomed to the Grand Isle by over 280 species of fish in the surrounding waters. We flock here every now and then just to get closer to fishing in the calm waters here. Reaching here is easy; it is just a couple of hours drive from New Orleans or a three-hour flight from Chicago. 


This 7-mile long island reopened in August 2018 after the 2010 oil spill. It was an intense cleanup effort but sure did restore its pristine and charming appearance. After some sunbathing and fishing, you can head to the Starfish Restaurant and indulge in some local cuisines. Their fresh fish sandwiches are delectable, something you should never miss! 


8. Orange Beach, Alabama 


Usually, people don't associate a weekend beach getaway with Alabama, but Orange Beach will surely change that perspective for you. People of Alabama take pride in their Gulf Coast beaches, which are among the best beaches in the United States. 


The sand here is crystal white, 95% quartz. It sparkles as bright as that diamond Meghan Markle wears. The waters are extremely blue, as blue as you could find anywhere in the country. This 9-mile long beach offers you everything you can imagine - lots of room, peace and calm, warm waters, adorable dolphins, and great food. 


Do indulge in grilled or steamed oysters and crabs at Gulf Shores Steamer, which is a pretty famous beachside seafood restaurant. You can reach here easily in just 90 minutes if you live in or near Alabama or take a short flight from around the country. 


9. Hamptons, New York


 Hamptons, New York Beach


True blue New Yorker at heart? Love the fancies in life? The Hamptons is your perfect weekend beach getaway! Without a doubt, Hamptons will have everything you could ask for, and still some more. Montauk, Southampton, and East Hampton are some of the most popular and natural choices among people who want to spend a weekend here. 


You will get great hotels, amazing restaurants serving some really delicious food, incredible shopping experiences. But what will actually steal your heart here will be Hampton's pristine beaches. 


Just a couple of hours drive away from New York and a short flight away from neighboring states, Hamptons should never be a doubt for you and your loved ones! 


10. Cape Point Beach, Outer Banks, North Carolina


Located just before Buxton town, Cape Point beach is the coolest weekend beach getaway in the U.S. Cape Point is the easternmost beach, famous for shelling, longboarding, paddleboarding, beachcombing, and kiteboarding. It is immensely popular for fishing, thanks to its nutrient-rich water-attracting oceanic game fish. 


Just sit back and relax here at this classic beauty. Its geologically interesting structure is what interests people out here the most. It's the farthest you can get to the East here in Cape Hatteras seashore. 


Apart from just relaxing and enjoying the beach, you can check out the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, which is just a short walk down the road. You can even set up a camp and have an affordable getaway at the Cape Point Campgrounds. 


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